Latest free Punika powerpass removed

I was told by customer support to post on the forums to raise awareness and priority of this issue.

Regardless of what patch notes or forums say, the in-game description is final and thus is the only thing that counts. On the ticket itself, it said that it would expire on 26/10. On the ticket, not the actual powerpass. Once you consumed the ticket it would grant you the powerpass. That powerpass would show up in the server select screen. It was bound to the server you acquired it on and it said Expiration Date: No Limit.

Hopefully this gets noticed, corrected as soon as possible with a return of said powerpass to all affected people.

I’m fine with the fact that not every class will be released with a powerpass, but in my opinion AGS needs to be very clear (first and foremost in the game itself, not only in forums and roadmaps or whatever) about when a powerpass will be available and when not, so people know when to use it and when not to. If it so happens that there is an expiration date, this must be clear in the game itself. I have no problem buying Royal Crystals for a powerpass if I know I won’t have one for a class I want. However, when the game says I will have one available (cfr. Expiration Date: No Limit on this one), I should have one available.

Hey there @Gryphus1,

The free Punika Powerpass did expire as it was planned for it to do so on October 26th, as mentioned in the Rage with the Machinist Release Notes from when it was first released. The Powerpass in-game should’ve shown the right expiration date when in the form of the ticket claimed by mail, but it did show “No Limit” in the login screen, this is a known visual bug and did not reflect the right expiration date, unfortunately we can’t restore an expired Powerpass.

See you in Arkesia!

I’m sorry, but I have to say that claiming there’s a visual bug is a very weak excuse… How can that be “visually bugged”? Also, how is it allowed to remain “bugged” for a month? It would seem something this important should be fixed by the next weekly maintenance or during the next weekly maintenance (which would’ve been on the 5th of October). How long is this “bug” known? It seems very weird that no one has had a problem with it, everyone assuming it has no expiration date and once it’s taken away, suddenly it’s visually bugged. And if it was known, why was there no notification of it anywhere, let alone in the game itself?

This “visual bug” seems very convenient for this issue.

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i didn’t even know i had a powerpass to begin with.

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Replying just to raise awareness. Absolutely ridiculous. No limit is no limit. I don’t care what was in the patchnotes, the game said it is no limit, so I kept it there. Now I lost it. The absolute minimum they can do is provide a powerpass for the reaper release, if there’s no possibility of refunding these tickets taken from us.

lol the bug began when they launched that powerpass, but they refuse to fix things they break

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Well then it’s very simple, their error, their ignorance, in-game it said Expiration Date: No Limit. Every affected player has the right for a new powerpass with the same conditions: has to be used on the server it is claimed on and for an unlimited time (cfr. Expiration Date: No Limit).