Launch Celebration Gift in wrong server

Hi, i updated my game, enter with my main account and didnt received the new Launch Celebration Gift, then i decided to check the first character that i created, which is abandonated in other server, and he received the Launch Celebration Gift, that means my main account wont receive it?

Basically, the “Launch Celebration Gift” is one per account or per server?

Edit: I received the Launch gift, its strange, because in the old account it went directly to the mail system, while with my main it went through the reclaim system, similar to founders pack.


I have a similar issue as well

I have the same issue as well.

Same Issue

same here

same, its says per account.
it also says i have somthing to claim but there is nothing there when i check.

same here :frowning: should be once per region

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Same here!

Since im not swaping servers im okay with my choice, i dont know why people logged on the “old server” if they already swapped and claimed it there, thats kinda silly

I went back to my server, says I have something to claim but there’s nothing to claim. I would just like to know if it will be possible to get the celebration gift chest on my main character. I didn’t open it.

I did get one on my “test” account on EU west and i didn’t receive it on my Main accound at Neria (EU Central)… Help…

We logged in our main accounts first (usually created after the old account for queues, just to taste the game at release day), then we went to our old accounts (that were created one or two days before the main account) to check if it was there.

If its account wide we should have received it in our main accounts, if it follows a list in order of registration, it makes sense the package is sent before to our old accounts, then our new ones.

But, we havent received it in our new accounts.

Its like they have sent them in registration order, but they are account wide, which doesnt makes sense.

I have a similar but not exactly the same issue. Loaded up a character on another server after not seeing the package on my ‘main’ server. Claimed it without realising its only once for the entire account and now am unable to get it on my long term characters.

Would really appreciate a solution for this.


same here… before maintenance i didnt have nothing in product inventory on my central europe account.
i’ve just log into west server cause i wanted to play lost ark during maintenance i saw the product inventory full of things and i thought that was about the rewards of loggin into the new one (west server)… PLS help
now server is up and i dont have nothing on my product inventory.

edit: the gift i claimed i thought was related to the bronze and platinum founders pack that i had

@Roxx help us… please

It’s so stupid how literally nowhere does it say it is account-wide and you only get it once…So many of us have ours wasted/on wrong regions/wrong servers (in my case, on a bugged roster where I am literally locked out of starting stronghold)

not much of a celebration


Same here

More like pwnd players celebration :confused:

Same here.
Mix of thinking it was once per region and that the celebration gift was only for the new EUW servers. Lost the celebration gift + second bronze and platinum founders packs.
Just wanted to see what the new region was getting since claiming on my normal server wasn’t working for the whole of sunday.

Got a reply in my support thread:

Hi there, I hope you are doing great.

Like @Empathy.Inc mentions, it can only be claimed on one server. We don’t have the option to transfer the items to a different region, we’d let you know if this changes.

Thank you for your understanding.