Launch Celebration Gift invisible in store inventory


Back in February when you were giving out Launch Celebration Gift I received the notification after a few days (there were some issues back then) that I have a new item to claim from the store inventory, but as soon as I opened the store inventory nothing was there and the notification was gone. I thought to myself okay, you’re having issues etc. it’ll arrive in a day or two, it never did.

There’s a bunch of posts like this on the forums from people who never received theirs, one of the CM’s on the forum said this should be fixed the next patch (fast forward 3-4 months, still isn’t)

I contacted Amazon support and CS representative told me the gift was added on 2022-02-20 to my account, but I was never able to claim it and till this day it’s not visible in store inventory for me.

I received the first Twitch drop twice though (the one with Helgaia pet) so maybe that’s why I haven’t gotten the celebration gift?

Can something be done about that or like everyone else I’m doomed and I’ll be missing that mount/instrument skin?

EU Central
Server: Sirius
Character: Blackedwaifu