Launch celebration gift missing

Same here
IGM: Dodott
Server: EU Central/ Slen

Haven’t received my Launch Celebration Gift chest

IGN: Vïi
Server: eu-central/kadan

Im missing platinum & Gold & Launch Celebration Gift
all 3

IGN: Belza
Server: Asta

Similar problem here.
I have the notification of that i received the packs (the 2number on red) but when i enter to the box to take it, there are no packs in. (platinum and celebration)

IGN: Môri
Server: EU-Central / Kadan

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Same here, I received the extra founder’s pack but not the launch celebration gift

IGN: Kôala
Server: eu central/Thirain

Edit: I received but impossible to claim, I’m assuming that it has something to do with the fact that the shop is dead for me…

Same. I received my bonus founder pack, but not the Launch Celebration Gift.

IGN: Hyuen
Server: Mari

EDIT: after relogging I received it! Try relogging / relaunching the game.

Same here, didn’t received, but receive the founder pack compensation.

IGN: Mochan
Server: [EU]Calvasus

Ty for all

Same. I received my bonus founder pack, but not the Launch Celebration Gift.

IGN: Saphirianna
Server: Inanna

I didn’t get the Celebration pack.

Steam name: DAD ON HOOK
Ingame name: Midlanejunkie
Region: EU Central
Server: Slen

Also missing Launch Celebration Gift.

IGN: Narwela
EU Central / Sirius

I too am missing my Launch Celebration Gift. I did get my extra Founders Pack.

Ingame Name: Núlelíre
Region: EU Central
Server: Zinnervale

Me neither - I’m missing my launch celebration gift package - logged in since it was released but there’s nothing to claim and didn’t get any messages to claim it.

Ingame Name: Amphyria
Region: EU Central
Server: Mokoko

Missing my extra founders pack and launch celebration gift too.

IGN: Fairymommy
Region EU Central
Server: Mokoko

Same here
IGN: Ryuuketsunette
Server: [EU]Calvasus

I tried to claim my launch celebration gift yesterday, while the inbox wasn’t working properly due to high server load. I don’t have it there anymore, and cannot claim it. It isn’t in my inventory either.
IGN: Teamcruzoe
Server: EU Central - Brelshaza

Same for me. I start to be pretty upset with this game. I miss also the last twitch drop, apeared in my “Product inventory” for 2 times, but unredeemable.
And i wont talk about the constantly missing aura, a paid item!
Tried to contact support… No way.

If stills like this, this is last time i waste money on amazon games. I understand launch issues, but this starts to be ridicolous. Sad thing, becouse is a pretty funny game.

Nick: RagesJam
Server: Neria
Platinum Founder.

Same here
In game name: Blâckroachknight
Server: eu-central/Kadan

Not exactly the same but nearly. On Server “Sirius” i can open the shop and could claim the gift, but i dont want to, cause my “main” is on the server Nineveh and there i cant open the store neither claim the gift box … >.<

Same here. MIssing the celebration gift…
In game name: Sognepresten
Server: EU-Central/Slen

Also missing my Aura fourth day in a row. This is unreasonable…

Mine is missing, too - and I’ve magically lost my Crystalline aura, too :’(