Launch celebration gift not received

I have 164 hour of play in EU Central and i didn’t receive the launch celebration gift on my main account. Due to the heavy problems and queue 2 days ago I created an account on the new EU west region, so i could at least play the game when EU central is unavailable, and there I received the “celebration” gift.
Because of my stupidity, I thought I could also finally be able to redeem it on my home server Eu central/Neria.
Later I understood it was only 1 in total, no matter what region you redeemed it.
It’s sad that I didn’t received it first on my main server. It’s not the end of the world of course but it’s another stone of “bad thing” I am having experience with lost ark. Considering I also bought the founder’s pack before the launch i had better expectations than the actual reality.


so many posts … and we all have the same issue it
cant be that hard to fix …

same here…

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