Launch delayed?

Is that only for f2p? Servers are coming back up in a few minutes… right?

Whole server list is down for maintenance. No one can log in for ‘‘a matter of hours’’.


They aren’t going to release for a few. When the servers come back up, it’s going to be for all players, f2p and founders. Just need to wait “a matter of hours.”

No. It’s delayed for everyone.


Well it says: Launch is delayed. That means the F2P Launch… thats how i read it… But would be nice if we get an answer from the Devs…

But that doesnt make sense… it specifically says ‘launch’. Games already launched for us.

There was already, its for everyone

Headstart ended so this is the official launch for everyone. No one gets to play until the lady sings.

do you think we are playing some kind of different game on different servers from f2p players ??

Yeah they decided to do a patch before the launch to iron out a few things and… well… broke something I guess which means no servers are available.

Wow i did this comment morning

Hope they have disaster recovery plan if anything goes wrong.

It seems they dont have a plan. Maintenance before launch good choice.

That was pre-launch launch, this is just launch.

It’s a good choice when we have had so many issues like losing main quest, duping items, etc.

Our best bet for the launch to go well is to give them the hours they need.

Well, it’s not good choice when end of maintenance and start of launch conflict.

Considering they locked 5/7 of the headstart servers, yeah its separate from the F2P players.

“matter of hours” - things happen, no question asked. But they delay an official launch - that is hard to come by. Wow.

bon vu l etat des choses il va falloir parler monnaie.Un pack fondateur pour un acces anticiper qui tombe a l eau faut penser a un dedommagement

Amazon doing Amazon things. They learned nothing from New World.

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that is nice and all, but again. pre-release and f2p release is the same game operating on the same servers.
So if something is not working server-side nobody can get in, you will not be put into separate version of the game with separate servers …