Launch Details Available Now

Heroes of Arkesia,

Launch is rapidly approaching, and we want to make sure that you have all the details you need to feel prepared for your coming adventures in Arkesia!

While some of the details are available below, for the full update please see our Launch Details article.


Pre-download will be available starting on Monday, February 7 at 9AM Pacific time (5PM UTC), regardless of whether or not you purchased a Founder’s Pack.


Servers will open for Head Start access on Tuesday, February 8 at 9AM Pacific (5PM UTC). You must purchase a Founder’s Pack to receive access to the 3-day Head Start. If you purchase a Founder’s Pack at any time during the Head Start, you will be able to play for the remainder of the Head Start period.


Servers for all regions will open for launch on Friday, February 11 at 9 AM Pacific (5PM UTC). Players will be able to play for free at this time!


This is the list of servers that will be open for players to select, beginning from the Head Start on February 8th. Additional worlds may be opened based on population levels.

EU Central
  • Neria
  • Kadan
  • Trixion
  • Calvasus
  • Thirain
  • Zinnervale
  • Asta
  • Wei
  • Slen
US East
  • Azena
  • Una
  • Regulus
  • Avesta
  • Galatur
  • Karta
  • Ladon
US West
  • Mari
  • Valtan
  • Enviska
  • Kazeros
  • Agaton

See you in Arkesia soon!