Launch Gift pack gone

Hi, tried to claim the launch gift last night but since the store was extremely slow I couldn’t get it. A couple hours later I got a notice that said I had claimed the item. However nothing shows up in my bag or mail. It got removed from the product inventory aswell.

IGN: Korideh
Server: Thirain
Region: EU Central

same here

IGN Hisocka
Server Neria
Region EU Central

Bro the same thing happened to me, i created forum acc to write that same.
Servers were laggy and slow. Somehow for a while it opened my Product Inventory. I clicked “Claim” but it did nothing. It was just in grey color. I exited the Product Inventory and I doesnt have the gift and it also got removed from the product inventory. I have a screenshot also, even not working aura when I have for 30+ days…

Screenshot: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

IGN: Rothercy
Server: Sirius
Region: EU Central

Same thing here!! Any updates from anyone??