Launch Times for UK?

The title the title the title.

Enough words now


5 or 6pm, google is your friend. Lazy git :slight_smile:

1700 UTC, or 5pm UK Time

lol i googled it and got absolutely nothing. you would think there twitter account would tweet it but clearly not

Amazon being Amazon!

that wouldnt be the 8th then would it

Today, 5 pm UK time, if you bought a Founder’s Pack. Friday, 5 pm UK time for all others.

It’s on their website. Did you not check that before going to the forum? It’s literally easier to check the news section on the website than jumping into the forum and ask the question.

thank you

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tried googling it nothing came up. checked steam also nothing. and twitter and you will never guess what also nothing

Literally on Lost Ark’s website, dude. You can’t have been looking.

Launch Details - News | Lost Ark - Free to Play MMO Action RPG (

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1 hour 45 minutes till servers go live

Quite simple