Lawmaker avatar - Future characters @Seawolf @Roxx

I’ve been searching the forums for a bit, I could not find clear confirmation on this.

On another post it was said that the “founders pack avatar” will only be there for the 15 classes. Is it just for the Plat one or both?

Since the Lawmaker is exclusive (and as far as I could tell) will not be sold on the shop, ppl who is going to main one of the not released classes got rekt on this one.

I know the Plat one is class based so it makes sense … but if the lawmaker one is 100% exclusive , RIP my Lance Master

It would be nice to have a confirmation on this, or, if this will be on the launch patch notes.


Both are just for the 15 release classes…
And when new classes come out they always come with a full package where they get skins in it too.

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The class avatar does, the Lawmaker is “EXCLUSIVE” to the “FOUNDERS pack” … that’s the entire point

Ah what you are asking is if you pick the lawmaker for martial artist if you could switch it over to your lance master later.
Well that has not been answered yet. That is right.
As far as they have told it first binds when you open the chest.
Question is if they create the lawmaker model for later classes too. I highly doubt it that they think of that.

The Avatars in the Founder’s Packs will only be available to use on the classes available at launch


RIP me then! No Lawmaker LM PepeHands

@Roxx Thank you for the reply!

@Roxx May I ask do you know how much the crystal, and chart slots will be worth in usd?

Are the Lawmaker avatars a profession-related avatar, or a class-related avatar?
In Lost Ark, some avatars are bound to all warriors, or all mages for exemple. I tought it will be the case for the Lawmaker (at least you can give it to other classes of the same profession).

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Yes - Gold Founder Pack Avatar / Lawmaker will be a Class bound . Meaning if you Open it on a Berserker you will be able to wear it on Gunlancer or Paladin aswell - tehnically you could on destroyer too when the class is launched , unless they forbid it )

She just said above “The Avatars in the Founder’s Packs will only be available to use on the classes available at launch”

available at launch means only the 15 released, we won’t have lawmaker on destroyer

I am pretty sure the gonna sell a pack when a new class is released.

I mean ‘classes at launch’ could mean Warrior, Mage, Martial Artist, , Assassin, and Gunner…

So it would only exclude the Specialist (that includes the Artist advanced class)

with classes she definetly means the 15 designated classes. theres no discussing that xD

Yeah, I know.

Feel bad for those that wanted it on summoner.

Still seems an odd call

This is the biggest bigbrain thing I’ve read all year.

You sir are coping hard.

A pack with the “Class specific” avatar, not with the lawmaker.
Although I wouldn’t mind if they sold the lawmaker for new classes.