Lawmaker skin changed

After todays patch, my lawmaker skin got an additional cape which is ugly af and is clipping with my weapons, why are you changing existing skins?

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Is this the bound or unbound lawmaker?

this is the original unbound skin

Interesting. Can it still be dyed? I guess they changed the OG lawmaker skins to match the bound ones.

yes it allows me to dye it, but why would they change the original skins to the old version instead of changing the old version to the new version? This is isn’t what i paid for.

Oh man, are the newer ones dyeable now!? YESSSSSSSS Finally!!

The cape variance is really weird. Some people prefer capes (me), others don’t.

Wish there was a toggle button for capes.

I don’t know if the duplicates are dyable, I haven’t opened them yet

Oh. Well damn. I wish I could go in and check but maintenance…

I hope my original unbound Berserker Lawmaker A set got a cape too. It was missing one.

The weapons being clipped is unfortunate. I wish they could move the weapon positions back just a little so the clipping doesn’t happen.

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I agree, this looks stupid. Lawmaker skin A is not affected. I have Lawmaker C so now I run around with 2 capes for some reason and my weapons are clipped.

I love the cape on my Blade! I hope they don’t remove it >^<

I just checked mine in-game, and they still say they cannot be dyed. Did they accidentally change the OG lawmaker set when they meant to change the bound one…?

If anyone can confirm that the BOUND version, set C now shows the cape for Paladin, and can be dyed, then I’ll happily open mine.

I contacted Amazon support, and they were extremely unhelpful. Their suggestion was I post on here. Why this dude decided I should make a bug report instead of him is beyond me.
From what I could get from the guy, this cloak appearing is a bug, and they should investigate it.