Leading Guild problem and New Character blocked

As you all know Guilds are very important part of MMO games. Without Guild there is much less fun. The problem is that Guild Leader have problem to comunicate with their Guildmates IN GAME. I know there is a Discord but not all player wants to play a game and be forced to have Discord. Main problem is with comunication Leader - Guildmates. There is no other option beside chat. How Leader supposed to leave important note about Guild events or to inform them about rules in Guild other way than send 50 Mails or more…thats Insane. There should be another section in UI Guild about it. Or at least an option like “Send Mail to all Guildmates”.

Another problem is that you cant transfer Characters. I know that you wantm to avoid queue but srsly…most of my friends were waiting till 11 to play with me. I made a Guild and all you can say to me now is that i can make another Character to play with them? You want me to drop 3 days of play ? Srsly ? That is SICK…at least tell us if there will be possibility in future with changing server.