Leap essence potions not working


I as many enjoy working on trade skills, and to ease that process i use leap essence potions.
But i’ve noticed an issue with them.

When i forage, without potions i get 150exp and aprox 10~ flowers (i have expert tool with trade skill basic rewards bonus 32%)
With the potion i get 300exp and aprox 20 flowers worth of material.

But the potion is bugging, 2000 leap essence remaning and i notice, i pick a flower and only get 150 exp? and halv the material?
1750 leap essence remaning and i get 300 exp and double the material… but wait!?

Why do i keep getting exp and materials equal to not having a potion active whilst i do have a potion active?

3/10 picks if not more, potion is not giving me double exp, not double material, and not taking double life energy but the leap essnece level keeps decreasing…
noticed this a few days in a row now, … CAN SOMEONE COMPENSATE MY LOSS OF CRYSTALS??? Q.Q on this faulty item…

Hello and welcome to the community! We’re glad to have you here.

I’m sorry you’re experiencing this issue, could I have your Character name and Server?

YamixDancho [EU - Stoneheart]

Appreciate the additional information! I will get your report over to the Development team. :slight_smile:

Just so we have ‘’ picture off it happening ‘’

+300 Fishing XP in that picture, seems like Leap Essence is working correctly…?

Also, show me your fishing license for that area please :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I appreciate the additional information, it does look like your leap essence has boosted your fishing.

Unless I am mistaken, fishing should be a base XP of 150, and then with the potion, it would boost your XP to 300.

Also, I appreciate you extending the helping hand! You’re awesome. :slight_smile: