Leap's essence didn't restore 3000 life energy on use

I used two leap essences and got 0 life energy on use

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Hover over the buff below life essence, it’s a buff of 3k double gathering, the wording really needs to be changed (I thought it made my next gather use 3k as a “I don’t have time to gather today” type item)

It should read something like “for the next 3000 work energy you gain double materials and xp, but tools also have double durability loss”


Thanks for this explanation… devs need to fix the wording on the items so other people dont buy it and make the same mistake.

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Increase life energy CONSUMPTION. It’s worded properly. It just takes a GED or equivalent to understand.


Bro… it takes $0.00 to not be a douchebag. it’s absolutely free if you didn’t know like damn, who hurt you


Either we are looking at different translations or you didn’t read the whole sentence. How does “Increases Life Energy consumption to 3000.” not imply that the consumption of your next use will be 3000? Highlighting the word consumption does not take away the word “to” so why are you being an asshole and a dumbass? :slight_smile:


You’re right, since if you have more than a GED you’d probably read it fully and assume “Increases consumption to 3000” increases your consumption to that value.

The buff is correct though.

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The first line of this tooltip info needs to change asap I agree.
It doesn’t make much sense for lots of players I would guess.

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Yeah, I think we can all agree that the guy is a douchebag. The wording is ambiguous and needs to be changed to be comprehensible.


Can we try to keep “doughebag” and other personal attack/irrelavante expressions towards other forum members of this forum please thanks.

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I think douchebag is appropriate and relevant. I’m sorry you are so sensitive that you allow others to hurt your feelings. Perhaps a chat board is not the place for you.

I too used two pots thinking it restored life energy because as written it says you consume more energy if you use the pot. So I figured they must have just not translated that correctly because a different forum said the pots restored life energy.

There are Life Potions that restore energy. Leap’s essence doubles gathering for 3000 energy.

To be fair it also takes $0.00 TO BE one lol.

But yeah, if anything, the way it is worded makes you think it will make you use 3k. PLUS is the trade skill energy even called “life energy” I thought they were referring to either the hp bar or my energy bar as a soulfist. lol.

Also I have a Bachelors and I too thought this was stupidly worded. Frankly if you have to alt-tab and google what something is, it was described poorly in game. Period. lmao.

is the trade skill energy even called “life energy”

It’s called “Work Energy” on the English version, the “Trade Skills” are called “Life Skills” in other versions, seems like a mistranslation where “Trade Skills” and “Work energy” were translated by different people via context, and “Life Energy” was translated through words.

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Because I don’t care about your feelings? I cant imagine that being hard to figure out… So yeah that’s why. What kind of question is that anyways, think about it.


As far as I can tell “Increases X to Y” means whatever X is will increase to match the value of Y. Meaning “Life Energy consumption” (X) will increase to 3000 (Y). The wording is incorrect. “Increases Life Energy consumption untill 3000 [units] are spent.” makes far more sense. I do agree there’s nothing implying the energy will be restored.


As other people have stated, though, it looks like it could be a simple minor mistranslation, as there are a number of them in the game elsewhere, like the names of the skills and the separation of “life energy” as stated on the potions, and “work energy” as stated on the actual bar’s tooltip. Eg. instead of “consumption” it meant “restoration”, or something similar, is their line of thought. Either way, the description as it exists in game definitely is incorrect and needs to be altered.

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Gotta agree that the wording is awkward.

Tool Durability loss +100%. Doubles Trade Skill XP and Trade Skill materials gained. Effective for 3000 Life Energy.

There, easy fix.


That leaves out the (very wonky) supposed doubling of life energy cost as well, though, so needs a bit more. The tooltips for the skills, or the actual values in-game, seriously need to be tweaked to match up. I don’t care if it ends up with Excavation costing over 1000 per trace when Leap Energy’d, I just want the numbers to be accurate to what is listed for the effects, dammit.

I think this is a good alternative. It is more clear and leaves less interpretation and less confusion.