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Hey guys, I have a couple questions.

I’m from OCE and I only play bard. Therefore, I feel that it is hard for me to play pvp with constant 230 ping. Is it still possible for me to learn to play at a reasonable level?

Secondly, I just played a game against gunslinger soulfist and zerk. I dont know what anyone’s abilities do, but there was one instance where I got chain knocked down without even being able to use my stand up space bar (i think it was the soulfist). Is that normal? Or was it just ping? (I was spamming it)

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Hey there fellow OCE player

Pvp is definitely challenging with the ping but you can still do well, I know alot of bards who pvp often from Aus and do quite well.

PvP has alot of burden of knowledge to do well in, sort of how someone just starting league or dota will have no idea how to play or how to play around other characters.

I would recommend the guides on maxroll , they have a general pvp guide and a ranked pvp guild which talks about the different classes and what their abilities do.

Addressing your point about the soulfist, i wouldnt be able to talk about specifics without seeing a replay but your stand up ability does have a cooldown so if its down you just have to wait till they finish their whole combo generally.

Many classes have both short and long combos which they can do, short combos tend to be one or two abilities and then afterwards you can roll out before they can do any follow up attacks. The longer combos can only really be executed when your roll is down and they will lock you in cc for a long time and do anywhere from 25% to 60% of your hp so its really important to manage that stand up cooldown.

I hope that answered your questions!

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Ok so just to confirm, I should be able to stand up, thats cool, it felt like a 3 seconds combo where I was just in the air, like I couldn’t even get to the ground to use the stand up.

Either way, Ill just search the guide and try harder. Like idk if im playing badly but I can’t seem to deal with martial artists when they focus me. I feel like I have to never miss an ability (sonic vibration prelude of storm) while they always can interrupt me and have many dashes to get out of my abilities.

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PvP in this game is very hard you just need to spend a lot of time in the air or on the ground to learn how to play it. No guides or tips or adivces will help you, you just need to start playin this spend X hours with your class, cuz everyclass play in total different way, learn what other classes can do how to counter them, how to bait their skills etc. Practice is the best way to learn dont watch any guides dont listen tips just find your own way.

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Hey I’m from OCE as well, pvp can be frustrating with the ping especially when you know you have outplayed someone but our abilities don’t register as fast but it’s just something we have to learn to work around. If you don’t understand the full depth of CC’s yet I recommend watching this video. Lost Ark PvP: CC & Resistances In-Depth Guide (Crowd Control) - YouTube

On a side note my friend and I are looking for a third to pvp with on team deathmatch if anyone wants to join us. We are on Mari though. We are still learning a bunch as we go as well.

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Fellow oce and bard player here, I have also been finding it really hard. I have been following a lot of great players on YouTube and most of them said playing a support on high ping is actually a lot easier than a dps class. We just have to get used to the latency and understand what needs to be done a bit more ahead of time, compared to other classes.
I come from doing pvp on wow and gw2 and I would say I am above average (made it to 2.4k rating on wow) and I was finding it so hard on LA.
I went from 1500 to all the way 1100 and it was frustrating as hell. Then I started studying different bard players and realised what needs to be done. I actually managed to win 16 games in a row and now I am around 1520 rating. I haven’t been able to pvp the last week or two, due to work and stupid bots causing such high queues, but I am positive I can reach 1800 before I will have to study it even more.
That being said, I am playing on roughly 170 to 200ms, so I am a bit better off than you. I also don’t use ryhtmic buckshot (using maxroll build apart from this) because I find timing it very hard due to the ms but will potentially be forced to use it when I reach higher rating.
I hope this helps, like I said above, find videos grand Master or masters playing bard on our version of LA and you will learn a lot! :grin:

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Definately if you’re playing against martial artists especially wardancer and striker you will find you will get “juggled” where they will do a 2-3 second combo where you wont be able to land and hit the ground to roll, these combos dont tend to do alot of damage but they do keep you cced for a little while.

Generally martial artists only have one or two abilties that is a teir 3 level cc (Debuff/stun), while bard has 4/5 push immune skills (Teir 2 cc resistance) so you may find that instead of trying to cc them first you could cycle through these push immune skills while looking for an opening to use your teir 3 cc or dash away and create an opening. While this is alot easier said than done with practice you’ll be able to read the tells that all the different classes have for their abilities and learn how to react accordingly.

Also dont forget your Spacebar dash makes you immune to all cc so you can just use that as a reaction if you think they will engage and then start cycling push immune skills.

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