Learn/Watch mechanics before joining Abyss Dungeon please

So many people being SO toxic and constently force quitting dungeon cause people refusing to LEARN the mechanics … aka example Gate of Paradise ;(


You don’t fund my royal crystals.


Lost Ark needs crearly an ingame guide. WoW do this far better, the only thing that I miss in Lost Ark.

100%. But additionally, it’s fine if you don’t want to watch a video or read a guide online. Just communicate with your teammates at the beginning that you do not know the mech, and hopefully someone will be nice enough to tell you.

It’s basic etiquette to learn mechs before going into an abyss dungeon. If reading/watching beforehand isn’t your cup of tea, that’s fine. Communication is the least you could do.

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unfortunately they don’t listen / read the chat for the most part when anyone explains anything to them :confused: happened to me many times where people never read the chat and just keep doing it wrong.

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There is an ingame guide that tells you all the mechanics you need to know on top of a bunch of game systems like how gems work, engravings work, etc. On the bottom menu, there is Guide → Training Room / Training Area.

Now, if you mean guides that tell you how to do mechs, then no. There are people that enjoy doing progs (i.e. figuring out mechs themselves), which is totally fine. You just need to make sure everyone in the party is on the same page.

Honestly anyone joining any raids without watching videos should be perma banned on the spot.

Yeah this happens especially at lower tier abyss dungeons. People really have “don’t tell me what to do” mentality. Again, it’s basic etiquette to at least be willing to listen. This is a team game after all.

When I run into people like that, I just leave the dungeon and find a new group.

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Well, there is an ingame for that mechs too BUT it’s very unclear a lot of times.

Just a characters speaking something in the bottom when the Boss is ready to do the wipe mech.

I just want that a lot better. I see the work they do with Alt+D, then IDK why there isn’t something similar for Abyss Dungeon.

Because it removes a lot of the difficulty. The little ingame text during raids is like a useful hint. It gives some guidance to players who go in blind.

There are reasons other games like Elden Ring, Dark Souls, WoW, etc. don’t actually tell you all the little things that bosses can do. It’s because part of the fun in playing the game is facing these and figuring out how to deal with it on your own.

yeah i’m glad that i don’t encounter more than 1 in the abyssal dungeon. if multiple players with that mentality and refuse to quit the dungeon that would be hell… worst part is they also join “know mech” party too while they don’t know. i hate people who does that…

Tag in groups which know mechs. And let us discover the strats.

Some people are playing a game to discover something new.

Though I do agree that some people are like me but are even worst as they don’t listen and don’t communicate at all.

On one alt I went into one abyss. I explained them the strats (they were all new) but one guy after 10 wypes still didn’t get it and didn’t read at all what I said. We all decided to leave because of him…

Only makes the things more clumsy cause you need to look on YouTube first (spoiling everything) before try the bosses. I hate doing this but I understand is necessary.

Agreed, but many times isn’t enough sadly.

Completely agree.

But isn’t the same if you are alone or you hurting your team mates with your actions. Cause that the “face it → lose → learn” is a luxury :frowning:

Part of the reason why it’s more fun to play with friends or be a part of a guild! Remember, every game is more fun when you play with like-minded people.

In KR, there are different parties. HW Parties are for people who want to get the dungeon over with as soon as possible and people are required to be experience. Try Parties are for people who are not familiar with mechs or have only cursory knowledge of them. In these parties, it’s generally fine to make mistakes because this is for learning.

You see a lot of Try Parties once you get to Legion Raids because there are a lot of things to keep track of and unless you’ve done them multiple times, it’s hard to get them all right ont he first try.

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With 4 players Abyss i’ve the things covered, my problem is with the 8 players… lack of people on my guild :grimacing: :rofl:

I’ll try to look on this, thank you! :grin:

It doesn’t bother me. I kinda like learning and helping people learn the mechanics.
It’s great when someone finally gets it and you take something down as a team.
As long as people are trying I will wipe a dozen times on the same boss with the same group until we get it lol

Yeah hard mmo’s loose players, WildStar Rip.

I love complex mechanics, but the people refusing to communicate make me mad. I’m all for helping someone if they ask (Paladin main), but the pure arroganz of some folks is bad.

Then people are quick to call someone idiot etc. Really annoying.

If you had to learn/watch mechanics before joining Abyss Dungeons, the people who learned the mechanics wouldn’t have gone through the learning process.

I wonder how this game was when the first player base in Asia/cykablyad got introduced too New mechanichs. I use maxroll usually for info and i feel we are somewhat spoiled with info at times. Weird that its no official site tgt for this essential info, should be implemented in the actual game even. Certain mechs are just blatantly sadistic.

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Most of the guide videos are no more than 3 minutes long. You’ll save yourself and everyone else way more time if people would just watch them.