Least played classes

what are we expecting to be the least played classes?

This is the class distribution in Korea with ilvl 1340 to 1625.
2.6 million people in total.

EDIT: Machinist is Scouter.


This was for the closed beta. There are more comprehensive KR and RU lists but for NA/EU this would probably be the most relevant. Still hard to be accurate about any of this.


Machinist is Scouter not Artillerist

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NEVER expected so many to play bard!!

Ops, will change.

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Wonder what the reason for so few Wardancers.

Wardancer is considering very strong for PvE so that is a good question.

Changed it, sorry :slight_smile:


I would guess because supports are needed that everyone has probably made a bard at some point :stuck_out_tongue: thought paladin may be higher than bard but looking at the outfits for bard, they look a lot better.

Wardancer is amazing and definately S tier, but some would argue it’s boring at times for the more advanced players. There will be times where all your skills are on cooldown and you have to use auto attacks. But it’s great for a beginner!

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There was poll around. West has it planned differently. Sure, Deadeye is still last. But Soulfist is much more popular.
Top was Sorc, 2nd Paladin. Bard was 4th or something.

Have seen that, but that had a player pool of 20k vs 2.6 mil and Korea has more classes as well. I feel like people will adjust their choice as well. Maybe they won’t like the class they pick first as much as they thought, whereas in Korea people probably already found the class they like the most.

And Korea has quite a few extra characters which stand as “alternatives” to others and steal their popularity.

I thought Bard would be more rare, but they getting all the love.

Surprised Berserker is so low.

Not so low here. In KR, there are just more popular alternatives. Which means people who want to main Zerker may feel like switching later.

Berserker recently got reworked and is now a lot more fun. As long as the total pool of paladins, bards and artists combined isn’t 25% you will be waiting for supports and the longer you have to wait, the more inclined you might be to make a support alt. So that number should saturate eventually.

i thought you didnt “need” a support class in the grp

Depends on the content. For the hardest T3 content it’s probably required. For other content it will help, but isn’t a neccesity, although you will need to know boss mechanics even better.

Least played classes is going to differ greatly from other regions/beta. Our culture has a different way of thinking, so don’t worry too much and play the one that interest you the most.