Leave a comment if you're quitting

I quit a couple months ago, I’m here because I’m writing a piece on the rise and fall of LOA’s global launch.

Not quitting, but missing a 3rd adventure island to queue is going to piss me off quite a bit.

Ask the bots to send you free 2.7k gold and then expect to pay for more… like drug dealer giving free sample

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Hey! That’s a cheap sample. I would take 270k golds :smirk:

Same here. I’m pretty much halfway out

I do tuesdays(2-3hrs) and Thursdays (4-5)

Then I go to Poe where I don’t need pheons

Im gana go back to playing VR games when my new gpu arrives. Lvl artist to 50 in RU

man you must be RMTER, you are always attacking the people who HATE how game has become RMT fest.

Already gone. The PR article from SG was the last straw for me

idk what that means. This is the English speaking General Discussion

My rant, quitting:

ahahaha and they don’t even ask me if I want to quit playing or not, it’s just that the queue doesn’t let me in :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage:

Not quitting but today when I login and check the big queve I say to myself… bruuu let me to play other stuff today.

I thought I might continue playing until my server got a queue, but that article from Smilegate boasting about Global’s 800k concurrent “players” has crushed what little hope I had left.

I’m just done with this game now.

I don’t want to continue playing something where people who run it are using the game’s biggest problem as advertising.

I’m willing to come back, but I need to see real action taken against RMT first.

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Not yet, but maybe soon if things don’t change for the better. Luckily my server is small and doesn’t have queues in EUC but I see the bigger servers are Busy for a few days now. Hopefully they don’t have the insane NA queues. If this insanity comes to my server, there would be no hope left for the game. Would be really sad to see LA go, it is a great game, ruined by greedy and/or incompetent people.

There is still hope, though, as tiny as it might be. Will fight till the last man standing. It might be a lost battle but yea.

I quit.
“Fixing bots in New World is our top priority.”
I know how this will end.
Buying a korean social security id right now

Did they really say that ? LOL.
I never played NW. Sounds about right, given the current situation, though.

Wait so if I make a ton of accounts for the forums and say I’m not quitting that it will help with these internal numbers?

Asking for a pixelated friend that exists only in LA

who wants my gold?

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Send it to soularker on Mari. I’ll accept. If they ban me I’m out too

I lost 2 wei cards due to queue problems. I will quit if I lose the third one