Leave a comment if you're quitting

I’ve basically quit.

I log in once in a while for about 30 minutes or so but I use to play a majority of the day before.

My wallet quit a long time ago though and that’s the most important thing to quit.

I wouldnt say quitting but on the way out. Long queues, bots everywhere in game, the entire marked is fked from rmt/bots. I have seen very little action from AGS/Smilegate to fix these problems over the past few months. If anything its worse than it has been and seems the bots have won.

You’ve said that 20 times now. In fact…I believe you said at one point you already quit.

Iam still considering, the prices due to inflation for a regular player are getting absurd. Blue crystals are also nearly back to 1k on EUC.

The last 2 days I didnt play much anymore. I want to play but if AGS isnt doing anything against RMTers and bots I dont know, I dont think I can handle it much longer anymore.

Its literally just FOMO play for me right now, doing dailys in the hopes AGS will do something but I guess its just wishful thinking at this point.

Im quitting. The game is getting way too elitist for people who pub b/c their guild died. If you didn’t whale/grind/rmt to have the best engravings with the best stats, good luck finding a solid group. Takes too much time wipe after wipe only to disband making the game already discouraging with the long queues. It was fun while it lasted but doing the same shit over and over each day & week is burning me out. Maybe I need a break but once i take a break I usually don’t come back.

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i doubt that. people that invest into royals are happy bout RMT’ers

Exactly. Took a break from FF14 and I’m out forever.

Edit: Sorry BroJobs somehow replied to you.

I quitted in the day of the RoadMap, i really don’t mind they delaying legion raids or other major content, but delaying class is saying us to fuck off. The class that i most want to do content with it isn’t released yet and it will only come next year around March, so why should i continue to play the game? I like really like the game but not enough to play without the class i want to main in a game were progress is limited by daily and weekly content, it feels like i’m just wasting time in another characters.

I’m only here to see if they suddently change their mind before this months update and come back 1 class per month, i may even go back but not so hyped anymore with the game because of that decision and now there is the huge bots queue, when i was playing in NA East Sasha there wasn’t a single queue until i quitted, don’t know now.
Likely they won’t go back, it’s kinda already confirmed that in this roadmap it won’t change, so it’s likely that i won’t go back to the game even when the class i want is released, with that i will even stop playing MMO or game that have daily stuffs that make you enter daily or you feel that you are losing important stuff in the game.

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sorry, tried to remove the reply of the other comment and just duplicated the text.

Obviously I quit years ago, but I’m still in the forums for some reason. I quit before the game even came out.

Not quitting.
The game is fun for me, life is fun for me.

Its funny how many players here saying they are “quitting” arent actually quitting, just want to complain and whine on the forums lol, you KNOW they are gonna log in and still do things

That’s about as logical as every chinese caused covid.

I think hes making fun of trolling tbh.

Im quitting

This post :joy:

Less and less desire to play, especially without knowing the release date of the Scouter which will probably not be available before 2023.
Not to mention the still catastrophic communication from Amazon Games

Another game killed by them. Congratulation :partying_face: