Leaving Stronghold makes my game crash

Hey, today I started to see a problem while leaving Stronghold. As I teleported away using a song, I saw my loading screen normally, but then my screen turned black, I could only see the mouse and after some time it looked like I fell under the map or something.

I tried restaring everything and nothing helps. Sorry for not providing screenshot, I tried to make one, it it wouldn’t let me, as the game crashed completely.
Any ideas how to fix?

contact amazon support games since they apparently have the ability to manually move your character out.

Oh when I start the game again, I am out of the stronghold! It’s just annoying, having to quit the game every time I want to craft something :confused:

If you’re on a continent, you can try opening the world map and clicking on some random place in that continent to teleport to OR use your bi-frost teleportation when leaving your stronghold.

Did you find any fix for this? This has been happening to be every now and then, if I leave the SH with song of escape or if I go to chaos dungeon/guardian raid I DC. Its not 100% of the time, but it happens enough to be irritating