Left Stick Permanently Mapped to Basic Attack

After the March Update, Left Stick (LS) on my controller is mapped to Basic Attack. However in the gamepad controls I have Basic Attacked mapped to X. I’ve been unsuccessful in trying to fix it, no matter what I do LS always initiates a Basic Attack.

Okay, so I thought maybe resetting my entire settings could solve the issue, which by the way is incredibly silly that it is all or none, and not specific to whichever menu you have open, but whatever.

So I reset it and to my surprise my Left Stick no longer was set to basic attacks… it’s now set to interact… face palm My Right Stick is set to interact, and even after swapping them and then swapping them back, Left Stick still is set to be interact.

This is slightly better than before, because now when I try to summon my mount (which I have set to Left Stick) it just moves my character, and when I’m right overtop of the location it moves me to, I’m able to easily summon my mount. Better than repeatedly attacking and having to wait for the animation to stop before trying again. Still though, this needs to be fixed please.

Okay, so I logged on today and it appears my Left Stick is no longer the interact action.

So it appears a complete reset of settings, and a relaunch of the game shoouuuuld fix this issue.

I was wrong, I was testing it in a city where attacks aren’t allowed. Left Stick reverted right back to being Basic Attack. Pleeeeeeeeease get a bug fix out. I know I’m in the minority that uses controller but this should be important. And while you’re at it go ahead and add Playstation controllers and increased functionality.

I somewhat figured it out thanks to this thread.

When I reset my settings it unchecked "attack with right-click” which swapped my Left Stick from Attack to Interact, and when I rechecked that it swapped them back.

Why on EARTH is a setting for mouse and keyboard dictating what my controller does?

Smilegate REALLY NEEDS to improve their controller support. It feels like an afterthought. With a Western release this seriously should have already been figured out. Come on guys, disappointed.