Lefty/handicap gamer accessibility

Hello! I’ve been thinking about this topic for awhile and having left hand accessible keybinds or handicap keybinds for the WASD patterns in dungeons would greatly help. I play completely left-handed and I feel like the way you set up your abilities or battle bar skills.your WASD mechanic should be based off your own personal keybinds . Like you can create the specific keybinds used in the WASD mechanic.For example it be 1234 or QERA or whatever your handicap can allow you to use. It’s personal preference to help with emersion and ease of life. it just an idea for people who don’t use WASD or have a specific handicap for those situations. Thank you. Does anyone else have this issue? I know a lot or players are mainly WASD but I just wanted to know if anyone else doesn’t use WASD regularly.


Agreed, if you’re playing with uiopjkl; instead of qwerasdf for the comfort of lefthandedness it shouldn’t say “Now find the homerow with your other hand and do a QTE”

It should really just make you press “action button 2, action button 3, action button 4” etc regardless of their keybinds instead of “w, e, r, t”

Or possibly (and probably easier to implement) have 3-4 seconds before the QTE starts to find the keys before the event actually starts.

Exactly I use OKL;

I found another lefty! Woohoo I’m not alone!