Legend AGS! DH skin tone issue

"Please note that the Shadowhunter’s Demon form will remain visually different from the version that is present in the Korean game. Due to the range of skin tones available for player characters in our version of the game, the Shadowhunter’s demon form is a dark, shadow-like hue."

I’d like to highlight the last bit where it says “due to the range of skin tones available…”
What the hack does that mean?? Is global version of lost ark doesn’t support all the colours?

And what? “The shadowhunter’s demon form is a dark, shadow-like hue”
Since when you AGS ppl had ability and authority to make modifications in any possible way to the game? You guys have always been copy & paste from KR version so why not do the same. Just don’t try to do anything smart AGS.


No. No they have not.

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