Legendary crafting mats from Valtan and Vykas are useless

Argos and Oreha mats can be both dismantled for Greater Honour Leapstones and Shard; we can also exchange those for accessories and ability stones.
Valtan and Vykas mats can only be used for crafting. While relic mats are good since relic sets are good, legendary mats sadly just aren’t worth it, since you won’t be crafting legendary set with arguably worse or comparable set effects to Argos gear.
Therefore, legendary Valtan and Vykas crafting mats are useless.

Can you make it so that we can dismantle them for honing mats? Or/and maybe exchange them for relic accessories and ability stones?

Right now they are just to fill up our inventory space or going to trash.


I… actually agree with this post. Unless there’s a special use I don’t see the point in hanging on to these.

relic mat also continues to be useful after you get full relic and get the emotes since every 5 relic mats is 1 stone of chaos.

would be nice if the legendary mat had any use though, just even dismantling for a few honor shards would be enough for me

+1 agree

Make demon vein and fang useful.

Has anyone ever tried crafting the legendary ones from Vykas/valtan then dismantling?

Does it give you the same mats back?..guarantee a +3 tripod?

I don’t need +3 tripods… useless. Legendary stuff is useless once you have the ilvl for relic… just make it so you can dismantle into leaps or buy emotes etc, it’s effing emotes, leg stuff in exchange is fine … course nothing will change so ya all can just bin them

Exactly. This game should allow us to dismantle them into honing mats. But now, they prefer to give us mats via login events lol