Legendary engraving book supply

We need more legendary engraving supply, after thronespire changes prices have doubled and they are still rising. We are rushing through content, which is fine, but we cant rush with 0 resources.

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? My guy where were you when bots completely ruined the legendary engraving market for the entirety of summer/September. You had plenty of chances to get your leg books. I and many people undersold so many books at the time due to it all.

Great for you. What about everybody else that didn’t have the gold or decided to invest on something else? Just cause you did it at a good time does not mean there isn’t a problem at the moment. Imagine new players trying to get their first Legendary Book right now… they can’t.

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I am not talking about new players at all right now. That’s a whole bunch of other issues compounded with this. Nice try to completely change the subject to your narrative. OP mentions they have doubled which indicates he is aware of the prices they sat at for so long and chose not to take advantage while everyone had said Leg books would be well worth the investment. They also didn’t just double over a week, he legit saw it happening over the span of a month as grudge for example, went from 8k > steady 9k> steady 10k> steady 12k > etc… (In east at least) I have friends who started the game in the summer (July) and were able to purchase x20 grudge books and x20 of their class books with only max 4 characters. Even today, they are still obtainable if make good use of your time/gold.

Naaah, sit on your mountain of gold since you made the right call to buy them when they were low well done you mmm
Now, screw the rest I’m all but sorted so may they all burned whuahuahah

Halloween theme jokes apart, whether they were 5, 15 or 30k, legendary books supply is too low and the demand is too high. And it’s not just Grudge. Prices are ridiculous across the board. Yes, it’s end-game and you’re not supposed to have it quick and all that but current prices are mind-blowing especially in regions like SA or EUC. What most people are asking is not to drop them like HP potions but to slightly increase supply so to have them at a stable quasi-affordable price and most of all readily available at the AH when needed and not with supply of 9 books an hour with 100k players online seeking to buy them.

I currently have 400k in gold, I need Grudge and I’m not buying it at that extortionate price. I’d rather wait a year and wait to prices to drop like in KR or wait for AGS to intervene than spend months worth of saving on something that is worth 160k at max.

Why do you assume I dont have my books? Im not discussing whether or not I can afford them. What this topic is about is that there is no supply and prices are insane.
The fact is that demand will go higher once brelshaza comes and 4x3 players realise they need more damage, but with rising prices good luck getting 5x3 then.
Its about the future of our region not whether or not I have them. New players need to farm few months just to get their books. Thats pretty stupid imo.

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