Legendary Engraving Recipe bought due to a Bug


Today i found a Grudge Legendary Engraving Recipe and when i was checking the prices on Auction House to list it i got stuck, probably cause of a bug, i wasnt able to click or do anything.

When the game started to run normally again i found another Grudge Legendary Engraving Recipe in my bags and -12.000 Gold on my account.

I didnt want that recipe since the one i found is now listed on the Auction House.

Due to this bug i have lost 12K of Gold, that i made with hours and effort, i have already spoke with Live Chat support and they told me that trasaction cant be reverted but i cant believe that there no way to Delete the engraving recipe and give me the 12K back.

Really hope to get a solution to this, cant believe i have lost all this money to a problem.

Character name: Gekosauro
Server: EU Central - Neria