Legendary map scam

User Ogyemali on Procyon left when it was his turn to run the Legendary map after 3 of us already did it.

Yeah unfortunately there’s no way counter them atm, can only report in game for Game Hindrance

EDIT: This is a QoL feature we need to add asap to combat map thieves!

Yeah it sucks, I did report him ingame. Just wanted to report it here aswell to make sure.
Your suggestion sounds great, hopefully they implement something like this

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Hello @Silenceuuu,

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us, I’m so sorry about the experience you had with this player.

Thank you for reporting the player. I want to thank you and @Swan_Goddess for the feedback, we appreciated.Our team will take care of this with your report.

Have a wonderful day! :mage:

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