Legendary Skin Acquisition Ideas

Since I heard about Yoz’s Jar 1-2 years ago, I’ve been thinking about a better system. I’m very glad AGS/SG decided not to release it the same way it is in Korea. Thank you. Some ideas for a better system are below. #1 and #2 are fairly widespread ideas at this point. #3 idea is an alternative I think would work pretty well.

  1. Purchasable like any other skin.

  2. Legendary skins to drop exclusively from Inferno and bound. Even though I will probably never do inferno, I like this idea because I like game prowess being rewarded in cosmetic ways. I don’t think this will happen though, because of AGS’s statement about not wanting them to be super exclusive. So, I will modify this idea a bit…

  3. Legendary skins could be guaranteed from Inferno – either full set or 1 piece (I’m not entirely sure which would be better) while all the skins originally in Yoz’s Jar (Legendary and Epic) could drop with a low chance from Hard Mode Legion Raids. Inferno drops would be tradable so that people able to do this content could recoup some of the gold spent accomplishing Inferno. Drops from Hard Mode would also be tradeable and would only be a 1 piece drop – maybe 50% chance for 1 person per raid to get a piece with similar RNG to Yoz’s Jar (perhaps 5% legendary chance, 95% one of the epic skins for instance). This would keep Legendaries more rare than Epics.

SG/AGS is probably going to want to monetize this system somehow though… so I’m not sure any system without using crystals will ever be realistic. It’s sad to me, because I think these kind of systems are good for the long-term health of a game instead of short-term cash grabs. But they probably have the data showing short-term cash grabs are more profitable than long-term game health…

I’d love ideas on how to lightly monetize my idea in #3 above since I think that’s the only way they’ll allow cool skins to be in-game drops.

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Hey @ShinyPenny. You make some pretty fair points in your post. We appreciate the feedback and solutions you’ve provided! I’ll get this over to the Development team so they can review your ideas. :grin:

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You may have static groups that are or will become very efficient at hell-mode/inferno Valtan that will be able to farm it endlessly for large amount of skins to monopolize the market. Remember that there are unlimited tries for Inferno Legion Raids so…

It should just be based on a token system to avoid the abuse of guarantee drops per inferno.

Defeat Inferno > get large amount of tokens > exchange for a skin
Defeat Hard Mode> get moderate amount of tokens > exchange for a skin
Defeat Normal Mode> get small amount of tokens > exchange for a skin.

If AGS/SG wants to make some money, then they add some RC item to double the amount of tokens a player gains to speed up the process for x amount of times/days

If they want to make the first defeat of Inferno Legion Raid Special, then first kill = bound legendary skin chest of their choosing + tokens

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That’s not a bad idea. It’s monetizable as well since you could sell tokens in the store as well. Nice idea!

Really like the idea of #3! I think a way to monetize it in a way that isn’t overtly egregious would be that you could get 1 skin piece drop at random, and then possibly use premium currency to transform it into the piece of your choice.

Of course, pricing, tradability, and how often you can loot them would be up for debate, but I think a way to guarantee that you can get the piece you want would make it acceptable.

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I like this MattMoresto. Great idea on getting something free, but if you want something specific, you can pay a small fee. I think that’s a reasonable compromise for a game monetized like Lost Ark.

See, an easy and safe way for skins to be added. And they can just sell a set for like 1300 blue crystals. or like 2000 in royals for it be tradable. The only big brain take left when it comes to this issue. Thank god we have someone like you :slight_smile:

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Crazy idea:

Legendary skins are downgraded to epic and provide the exact same boosts as all other skins in the game, remaining a cosmetic item like they’re supposed to be.

Insane, I know.

As for the OP’s ideas. I don’t think it’s healthy for the game to gatekeep loot like this behind content the vast majority of players will never touch. Those raids are already very profitable as is.

The only acceptable option here is option #1. The other 2 options are terrible ideas and will cause people to be scammed.

Can you elaborate on how people would get scammed?

I don’t know why people who are never going to run hell mode or not even have a grasp of what difficulty it is keep suggesting hell mode should give skins.

Cool that U gave a feedback like this but tbh would more fair for everyone just drop the lootboxes …srsly more people don’t care about that … like the people who complian about …

If U drop it into inferno mode 0,0001% of the playerbase will able to get a set …

People that want them would try to get a semi bus where they would only have to have some level of competency to pass. Or they would pay someone to pilot their account which is extremely risky. Just like people get scammed now. Hell mode doesn’t need more rewards it already has some.

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I’m sorry. I don’t agree with this buzz-word of gatekeeping in this regard. You’re entitled to your opinion of course, but I think rewarding people for completion of something hard is perfectly natural.

If I applied your definition of gatekeeping to everything,… oh boy. We’d never have anyone achieving something that others couldn’t have. Is the ability to pay $200 for a skin gatekeeping? Is buying crystalline aura gatekeeping? Is getting a mount from something Gatekeeping? Just no…

Just offer these skins in the shop for 50 bucks or even 100 bucks

What if I want combat stats?

Putting all your eggs in the same basket is very bad game design.

People that pay for buses should know the risk. I personally think buses are ridiculous. I don’t think you should not put cool stuff into a part of the game because people are willing to risk getting scammed to try to acquire it via sideways methods.

I think people shouldn’t make suggestions on contents that they have no idea of.

My suggestion doesn’t. And some of the follow-up feedback doesn’t either. It splits it up into Inferno (guaranteed, or token system) and hard mode (low chance or token system). Not sure how thats all eggs in one basket.