Legendary skin thread - 83811

Reading this, you might think its pointless to make another post about legendary skins, but this is what the forums are for.

To give feedback, and for AGS to pass it on to smilegate.

It has worked aswell, players on this very forums have asked for

Purchasable power pass we got it
Battle item log so we could see who is using battle items and not(was skipped in a previous patch)
Honing buffs 1370 1415 and stronghold buffs
Vykas raid shortly after Valtan
Summer skins & a summer event
Power pass, hyper express for Scouter
EAC Offline not closing the game to desktop
Too many QoL changes from KR to list
Time to prepare for Tripod update (1month notice)

We complained about how lackluster the first part of the August September Roadmap was.
August was lacklaster while September jam packed.

Having a server merge same time as raid and new class coming out, this time they put server merge when nothing major is happening.

We gave feedback look at the end of 2022 Roadmap, the first part we get 2 new bosses, hell mode Vykas, faster class releases, Reaper and Summoner back to back, more skins we have been asking for.

Basic Neria wardrobe halloween edition, 2019 halloween skins and ark pass season 2 skins.

You get the point.

My suggestion for Legendary skins, remove all gambling aspect and RNG from skins, introduce a flat cost for the skins.

AGS/Smilegate did this already with pet bonuses, which in KR costs blue crystals and the stats you get are RNG 1 -5% many people don’t know this, unlike NAEU we can just go to pet bonus vendor and select any stat the maximum 5% for free.

Not asking you make legendary skins free, just remove all the gambling aspects, if the stats are a problem too, remove them & replace them with virtue stats

I’m not going to ask about anniversary skins, I believe we will get them in February, KR has their anniversary in november.

So if you care about legendary skins or anything else to do with the game keep making posts about how they could introduce it and don’t stop complaining, you guys make a difference.

P.S Perma ban the RMTers and all the bots, clear out the bots often and announce it too, haven’t heard anything since the last bot ban wave.


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Hope they find a decent way to get them in eventually, I think I would actually have a use for the Omen chest piece.


get the system and give a lot of free stuff to craft by daily reward, fever time, aura etc
also it’s possible to get the skin at 1% so no pay to win


let’s be realistic here, we wont even see 25% of skins before the game shuts down :joy:


+500 for Legendary skins!!

But the thing is, they don’t need a “decent way”
They could literally put those skins up in the store tomorrow for $19.99 each
The assets are already there, and that would probably be a better implementation than whatever business intelligence will make them do

Talking about one of the greediest publishers in the USA and Smilegate is also an extremely greedy company. Every game they own is nothing but P2W. We will never see these skins and if we do, they will cost around $80 or more bundled in special package or something.

Legendary Skins and the Yoz Jar will be reintroduced when they figure out how to get around whatever legal complication they had in releasing it to begin with.

Otherwise they would have just sold them to you in the store. It never had anything to do with “Oh a 1% damage buff is unfair”


they can simply make it where the materials to craft the legendary are earnable through in game content then also allow people to buy skins to scrap for another chance at it.

so A you grind say chaos dungeons and get the mats slowly or B swipe and get them even faster its not really a hard issue to overcome but its def the least of their worries right now

Probably shouldnt be playing video games if 80 dollars is an issue for you as an adult

They cant. There is a bunch of loot box bans in the EU so since the current Yoz Jar has a buff due to legendary skins, it becomes truly pay to win as a gamble thus Yoz Jar in its current form would be illegal.

If you all thought it was a coincidence that Lost Ark was able to be released in Netherlands mid july and that it was removed from the june update, it isnt.

AGS can say all they listened to player feedback all they want, but Yoz Jar in its current version would have been illegal in netherlands due to the current laws.

They probably weighted how much money they could make and decided it was a lesser lost to remove the jar. They wouldnt hesitate to make more money. Just look at the 3 days gold reserve on all accounts. If it affects their pockets, theyll make the decision that gives them the most money.

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Can you link me those bunch of loot box bans bro? Because I’m pretty sure they only exist in your mind.

The Netherlands ban was literally ruled against in March, and you still love spreading this misinformation around.

ban in Belgium, that why some games didn’t come out in that country but it been ineffective so far because they can just vpn it.

Just put them in the market for 75€ man… no reason to make it gamble shit. If people want to buy it, they buy it, if people want to sell them, they sell them, if not, who cares.

Its still not being released in Belgium as far as I know, so irrelevant.

What not being released in Belgium?

Lost Ark.

Belgium is part of EU lol.