Legendary Skins = Gambling. There is only a 5-10% chance to get it

I just wanted to quickly inform NA/EU players of how legendary skins in Lost Ark are obtained.
It is not a typical cash shop item that you purchase for a set amount. It can only be obtained through RNG methods and it often costs an insane amount of real life money because the chances to obtain a legendary skin is 10% (5% per item in each category). So if you are to seek out a specific top for example, you have 5% chance to gain it after you pay to roll or dismantle your current epic skins.

as you can see in the image, there is a very small chance to gain a legendary skin as opposed to your chances of getting an epic skin. This system is predatory and I’m both surprised and not surprised by Amazon’s decision to bring this into the game. Surprised because you always see them talk about transparency and the game not being pay 2 win, localization, blah blah but then they turn around and add the most rigged gambling system into the game which is p2w (you get stats from these skins). There is no pity system for this method.

ZealsAmbitions, a LA content creator has a detailed explanation for how these lootboxes work. He even highly advises the community to never purchase and roll for these skins but instead buy it from the auction house because that’s how bad the percentage chances are. He is someone that personally rolled for multiple skins and regrets it.
his talk on legendary skins starts at 18:14.

This is not something i can defend and people should complain about it. Trying to implement a straight up casino system in 2022 is just ridiculous.

Edit: Here is an additional post on reddit that breaks down the cost of the legendary skins: https://www.reddit.com/r/lostarkgame/comments/v30xu9/the_real_cost_of_legendary_skins/ . Credit to @Toxix / birkholz on reddit.


Bruh, had no idea it worked like that


Crazy that loot boxes are still not banned globally.


Dont really understand whats wrong with that? It’s not like it greatly impacts gameplay and you can buy from auction house if you don’t feel like gambling. Devs have to somehow make money too, I don’t like it’s in a form of random lootboxes, but it’s not like it’s a must-have.


Sign back into your ags account please.


Right, but for you to buy it off the Auction House, another player needs to go through the Loot Box mechanic.

The only way these skins are created is through loot boxes. If everyone thinks like you do “Oh I’ll just wait for the AH” then there won’t be anyone actually gambling on the loot boxes to create the skins.

We need a steady supply of people to get scammed by GACHA mechanics so that we can obtain the items reliably.

People spend hundreds of dollars on this, I think ZealsAmbitions said it took him 30+ rolls at about $10/roll to get one.


it is extremely expensive whichever way you choose to buy it. you will either pay hundreds of thousands in gold which the average f2p player doesn’t have OR you will roll for these yourself with real life money. they can choose not to lock it behind a rigged RNG system but here we are. i understand they need to make money but this is a dishonest way of making money. its only because the laws havent caught up to gaming that gambling like this is still allowed but its fair to say its unethical. this is banned in Scandinavian countries for the reason of gambling.

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I don’t think Amazon ever said the game is not pay to win since stating that would be idiotic for obvious reasons.

I think they said along the lines of ”we want the game to feel like you won’t be pressurred to spend”

The “mechanic” literally preys upon someone’s desire to have said cosmetic. These sorts of things have gotten bad reps since forever, and they DESERVE to have a bad rep. It’d make more sense to have it be $30-40 cosmetic than a % chance which could net you $1000 trying to get (and I outright refuse to spend that level on any game for 1 cosmetic).

Don’t say its a whale only mechanic either, as it literally affects stats, making it P2W and adds a semblance of classism to the game. We don’t need that, or want that.


What does a legendary skin has that an epic doesn’t? What’s the difference between them?

1% in strength I think

Doesn’t seem like much tbh, but I might be wrong

I think most classes after 1370 are most likely havinf around 18k atk so that would be 180 points

1% is 1% and in the grand scheme of things you take every gain you can get but honestly it’s negligable gain in comparison to everything else and you most likely won’t be gatekept by not having legendary skin lol.

So I get that it’s shitty to have such RNG skin if you want to wear cool skins, but for damage I wouldn’t worry about it.


each legendary skin stat adds up so i wouldn’t say its insignificant. no one calls the 7% crit card set insignificant and its only 7%. but additionally, the legendary skins are one of the best looking skins in the game. some of the skins that were most demanded by NA players are legendary.

Yes, of course they need to make money as a game company, and you want to know how? By selling skins directly to the consumer, not through this predatory system.


I agree @Yamraiha

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It’s 1% main stat extra, per piece. and we have over 100k mainstat, it’s quite a bit.

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How much are you willing to spend to higher stat skin?

better say, the way the skin looks too, not only stats