Legendary Skins- Option to Buy

How many average players do you think will pay $500? :slight_smile: Do you have any idea how much it’ll be in golds?

It would make more financial sense to release the skins at a 20 to 30 dollar price tag this way low spenders will make the purchase if they like the way they look, no way would i justify spending 150+ on a skin and im a regular spender in this game

Only because they shoved it into a lootbox like system.

Why not when the price is just made up by the company? These legendary skins are not “worth” that price tag. They are not clothes from some massive brand name they are in game cosmetics. They’ve done this purely to profit and exploit people. The skin is just like all the other skins they’ve released. There’s absolutely no reason they cannot release it in a reasonable way and for a reasonable price.

Either way the company still profits by releasing the skin here. Not releasing it means they miss out on money they could have obtained even if it ends up being less than other versions.

But you’re making my point. These skins are not meant for your average player. They’re meant to segregate between players. Just like the real world, you have more you gain more. Its not a lost concept.

You have skins for the average player. Epic skins. Again I’m saying this while assuming that they’re made purely cosmetic and do not give stats advantage.

I don’t get mad at my friend for having a Lamborghini. He can afford one and not me. I may be wrong, but I would at least like to understand why everyone must have everything? That’s not how the world works.

I started to think you’re taking the word legendary too seriously.

XD this isnt fucking apex legends. That shit shouldnt be 500 dollars each

They are meant for average players otherwise they wouldnt have stats on them. If they dont have stats on them most people wouldnt mind, but that would make the skins worthless

Toss it in with conditions.

Ark pass prem $50 bucks AND a amazon prime sub.

Your welcome AGS.
Feel free to hire me for more ideas.
I’m ok with min wage.

I would say there are more people interested in the cosmetic value rather than the pure stat upgrade. I did mention however that if they were to be sold on the market they should be strictly cometic. If not then definitely make it affordable for all.

While I agree they have no comparison to real world artefacts, you do not get to choose the value of the item. The company does that. They can elect any value they want. Balenciaga started the same way, they never built up their consumer base. They released as a purely premium brand targetting a specific group of buyers.

Comparatively on the market, legendary/rare skins are roughly the same price. Ultra rare items on Dota 2 cost anywhere between $100-$800. Premium skins on CS:GO, same. Premium skins in Apex, LoL, PUBG, Warzone, basically most modern multiplayer games have the same average price tag. You can even see it with boxed games moving from the $60 to $70-$80 price tag now.

I understand your point. I am not saying that the price tag of $500 is a permanent one. But it would make sense marketing wise to release them at an overly hiked price.

Whales will buy no matter the price. They show off the skins ingame. That in turn generates desire from other groups of players. You then decrease the price from $500- $250 for a discounted time, and these players will eventually start purchasing the item too. Classic marketing move

dev time.