Legendary Skins - Solution

Yes. It pretty much just becomes as a “want” instead of a “need”. Worst thing they can do is to make them account bound lol

Except we don’t “want” yoz’s jar itself tho, fk lootboxes lol.

Maybe make the legendary skins a reward for something (fat chance i know).;

The whole game technically is a giant lootbox lol. Gear drop, rng. honing, rng. Gems, rng. Collectables, rng

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Ye but we don’t mind when its less obvious, hundreds of games have done literal loot boxes and its causes us anxiety now lul.


We dont mind as much* :stuck_out_tongue:

Why are so many people making out that the 1% additional stat is the problem? It isn’t, nobody checks your cosmetic tab when joining a group, literally nobody. That goes for KR also.

The problem with removing Yoz’s Jar is that we haven’t been given any information about how we can obtain them in the future, or if we’ll ever get the chance.

We’ll probably never see em. If they change how we get them, other regions will demand for the same treatment

We don’t know here, people on NA love to gatekeep for everything, in NA they gatekeep you cuz of your class and that doesn’t happen on kr

At least make costumes salvageable into dyes or something useful. Cloths were the other big component to jars, but the jars are gamba. Cloths gave a minimum value to garbage costumes and a direct buy to legendary costumes doesn’t fix that.