Legendary skins?

@Roxx @Shadow_Fox
Is there any update about when we will get the legendary skins?
Season 1 ? 2?

I believe that most of the community are waiting for them to arrive our version

No news yet and probably wont be for more months.


No. Not really. I dont really care 1 skin.

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so if you don’t care is that mean no one care?

Those skins are the Jar skins that we won’t get in our version.

Not sure if you knew that part.

They might look into alternative ways to get skins/jar added in a different way.
But it was worded as “don’t hold your breath”.

This is something we might hear news about in 2023.
It is not in the emmidate future.

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Very doubtful they’ll add the skins alternatively. In KR, SGRPG just added a new aeromancer legendary skin to the Jar. I doubt they’d want to make their KR playerbase pissed which is what would happen if we had a cheaper and no loot box alternative.

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No. The “I dont care” means “I dont care”.
We gonna get tons of skins. Who cares 1 skin from a gatcha system. Move on guys.

Yeah no we arent getting the skins, probably never, maybe at the end of lost arks life to milk a little extra money out of players like 3 months before closing the game for good

So, Q1-Q2 2023 then?

I hate to break this to you but SG has made it painfully clear they are in no rush whatsoever to get the legendary skins in to the game. You might be waiting quite some time bud. Personally I don’t really care about them specifically. I just want more skins in general. Legendary or not I just hope we get more options so every other person doesn’t look exactly the same.