Legendary Treasure Map disappeared

Hi. I got the legendary treasure map, its called Broad Sea’s Adventure (1people). After I opened and closed the map near the treasure point, it just disappeared from my bag;; Is this bugged?


had the same thing happened. was wondering if it was a bug or not.

I also just had this happen to me and I didn’t get any treasure chest. I also didn’t see a locked treasure chest to pick up so I think it’s bugged.

same happened to me… treasure map just dissapeared from my inventory… annoying

same happened to me today…

The same thing happened to me with the legendary phantomwing map

Same happened to me with that legendary map … I have the ,GODS SPEAR, icon on the map but when i approach it it disapperas, map also disappeared … damned bugs

Soo 8 days and no admin checked… nice af

Check your pet inventory.

same here, adventure: phantom butterfly gone… didn’t even click it yet as I was T1 when I got it. Map is T3.

So if you sail to some specific area in the ocean, it will destroy your secret maps?

oh wait… these legendary secret map (1 player) things are totally different from “boss”-maps? Just saw some similar secret map video and it was basically just an exploration click on the sea, nothing deep like going into some dungeon.

I did explore one thing on the sea, maybe that’s why it deleted as it “completed”. I didn’t click the map itself so I have no idea if it’s related to the map.

It does remove the secret map. You got roster XP in exchange.

I also lost 2 of my maps. Have you received any feedback?

I misunderstood at that time. It was a sea bounty map :stuck_out_tongue: