Legion Feedback @Roadmap

My feedback related to this topic is why release a Vultan Normal n Hard (1415 + 1445)? We still have biak 1430 raid next; will this invalidate the next raid or will the rewards improve from skipping a prog step? From my understanding it’s vultan normal (1415) → Biak normal (1430) → Vultan Hard (1445). I would understand if these were released as 1 set w/ hard mode potentially being released in May. Wouldn’t it be better general gameplay for both Vultan and Biak normals to be released vs vultan normal n hard? It would be easier for the general player to get into those raids instead of a vultan hard n i’m worried how much it’ll devalue biak normal once it gets released because it’s already going back in prog instead of going forward.

But Biak will have both Normal and HArd again .And you are not suppose to do Valtan hard at the moment of it releases.Its end-game content to work toward to it.

That’s the opposite of the game in KR, people are ready (both f2p and whales) to do content as it releases.

we don’t know if biak will have hard mode on launch nor if hard mode is set in stone. it’s a tentative update for May

i am just saying what KR /RU/Jp released .It was always normal and hard mode together .Its not only Na specifics

you are comparing 2 different versions. you have to look at it from when they got the updates not way later into the patch cycle when they have more systems n vendors in play.

Do believe hard modes were often released after, not with.

When they got updates, they were already ready. The current raid out now in KR was first cleared by F2P players.

like i mentioned just now, they have way more vendors n material aquisitions than NA. it is much easier for them to get to that point to enter a new raid while NA is lacking a lot of those aspects. We don’t know yet what the update in April will give w/ S Vern but i hope it’ll give most or all of the missing vendors bc then it won’t be as much of an issue but only time will tell for that issue @oni

i am not saying its good or not .Just wanted to say how they released in KR and its not just Na got something different from any other regions .IDGAF about it.

Not really, there’s a lot of mis-info floating around.

Challenge abyss and heroic GR were not permanent additions to the game til after valtan, they were only events prior.

No, i mean, I’m pretty sure a lot of the KR hard modes came AFTER the norms.

well you also have to look at it from this POV. When KR got valtan they had like MONTHS to farm materials and then they had an insane content update each month or 2 for legions but they already had those other vendors n such

no, it always Normal and hard mode together .That was my whole point.

Like i said ,i dont care how the situation ,I just relay the information .That Valtan was release together Normal and hard mode .Not like Na get any special treatment .Otherwise people will think ASG or SG did it intentionally .

i still believe releasing vultan normal + Biak Normal as a package vs vultan normal/hard would be a better experience for the general player base or the ideal package of vultan normal / hard w/ biak normal but that’s pushing it imo. It’s better stream + video content in general and just a better experience in the vertical ladder progression