Legion Raid DC why no re-entry ticket?

Very frustrating there is no way for a player to get back in a Raid after experiencing a disconnect. I understand that its not Amazons fault but a player has no control over the power grid and ISP.

After pushing an alt to 1415 this week to run Legion raid for first time on Alt I got a DC near the end of the fight and got no loot. Expected I would just need to rerun the Raid but no, locked out from joining Gate 1 and cannot get into Gate 2 as it claims I didn’t finish Gate 1.

This is extremely frustrating and unfair to a player/customer and when contacting support you are just told to wait for reset. I would like a re-entry ticket issued so I can actually play the content. If this is looked or fixed after reset on Tuesday morning I would like to be able to run this weeks Legion Raid on normal. I don’t think its asking too much for players/customers for some sort of DC protection and not be locked out of the actual content for no fault of their own. Any time this happens in a Dungeon I automatically see a ticket in the mail. Getting told by support this is against policy to issue a re-entry ticket is very anti player. Can’t think of any other big MMO that doesn’t help their players when they have in game issues with the game content locking them out.

If nothing is willing to be done this may be the straw that breaks the camels back and you will be losing another player/customer as the clear lack of support is terrible and on the other side bots and RMT are allowed to pretty much go wild.

Cantermoose - Una - NA east

From what I’m reading in other posts you basically don’t help your players with DCs / lockouts and just force them to miss a week. You guys need to change this policy NOW.

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Hello @Kantermoose,

I’m very sorry to hear about this situation with the disconnection.

I totally understand situation like this are very frustrating because I’m also a regular player and this has happen to me before, unfortunately a re-entry ticket will not be sent if it’s determined that the disconnection was not due to an error on our side.

I wish I could be able to issue re-entry tickets but is not something we can do and we do have to wait until the weekly reset to try again.

I appreciate your patience on this and hope you can understand.

Apart from this have a good day! :leaves:

For real… I didn’t get a re-entry ticket either and our group was LITERALLY in the middle of voting to exit after getting the 60 second warning… I was so excited to do Valtan Hard mode this week for the first time and only got to do Gate 1, as the servers went down during the first pull on Gate 2 hm.

“unfortunately a re-entry ticket will not be sent if it’s determined that the disconnection was not due to an error on our side.”

Dude. You guys gave us 60 seconds to end a raid in the middle of a fight, which requires 2 votes; a vote to reset the fight, following the vote to end the raid. WE DIDN’T GET ENOUGH TIME. That’s unequivocally your companies fault for not adequately warning us that if we didn’t exit a raid immediately, that we’d be locked out for the entire week (even though it shows multiple entries left available).

Feels bad.


I am pretty sure it is something you could do, just unwilling to as current policy says you don’t have to. There are plenty of posts on this already and I’m sure literally no one would be against DC protection on either ends be it player or server fault. And in a much more timely manner.

Going forward this should be implemented ASAP, way easier to do for player base than ban 600k bots every 2 weeks - 1 month. So idk who you have to talk to but please let dev team know this needed to be in the game as of launch, not 2 months from now but should already be a baseline procedure or recoded so you aren’t locked out for a DC. As DCs are a fairly common thing in MMOs I just don’t understand this policy at all.

We aren’t asking for the world. Just to do content when something happens and locks us out for the week, its pretty sad in 2022 when you have such a blatant anti player policy when things like bugged lockouts were being reset in WoW back in 2004 for example.


Oh, more people who got dc’d and didn’t get an entry ticket back. I also got dc’d and lost my entry (in a guild run, got autokicked by the game) and I’m probs quitting as well if I don’t end up with a ticket back

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