Legion Raid Match Making Revamp

I have been playing multiple games since feeling a little burnt out from Lost Ark. I noticed other games match making feature is much more new player/casual friendly. My main is ahead of the curve but some days i feel like just queing into a legion raid but the que will never pop.

Might I suggest a Legion Raid Match Making Revamp? Definitely make it so you can’t have a full raid of supports. Maybe adjusting difficulty/rewards accordingly to be more new player friendly.

This idea isn’t for me personally, just something i noticed while playing other games recently. I would use it on alts to practice /learn or just to play on geared characters just for a chill experience to help out.

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agree, reducing difficulty of legion raids like in genshin where u can farm the boss at lower levels is actually a good idea for new players, its in the hands of SG though.

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FFXIV, WOW does it also. If they want to incentive for geared players to que use it as an option to do instead of a guardian raid, chaos dung, boss rush, cube IDK player choice is always good.

i’ll prob always be at lower levels and wont do end game so would like this also! (860 hours, no class above 1390 here) - would love to see it though, - im just not good enough/don’t have enough time/money. Kinda sad cause although people say story is meh, I enjoyed it, especially the big moments, and would like to see the rest :frowning:

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