Legion raid : Midnight Circus Gate 3, Bug In Mario 3

  1. jump
  2. jump back (waiting the bomb to explode) here the small clown in the blue circle follow you when you jump and they killed me 2 time, in trixion don’t follow me they stop at the edge of the bridge and walk back.

i hope for a fix soon because its my best strategy for Mario 3 and thank you,


Try it this way (purple)

Just jump over the bomb, while doing so the blue circle clowns will move to the left to attack you, jump again over them, turn around, hit them with Q and exit through the hoop

Yes I can do that too, I just want to report the bug. ty for help

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:ok_man: Just wanted to help too, because you said jumping back is your best strategy but I think this one is much faster and safer

Also I’m not sure if that really is a bug, or if the Trixion version is bugged, the devs will know it

you think the clown can flay interesting :smirk: