Legion Raid Smaller Group / Soloable Options

Hi LA,

I’ve been playing since launch, went through all the stages of learning grief with argos, valtan, vykas, etc. and was wondering if there would ever be options to do legion raids with smaller groups or soloable options in the future.

I first want to make the point that yes I understand this is an MMORPG, and that there are many things in this game that allow us to interact with the community. So I don’t quite understand these “play a solo game then” comments when these types of suggestions are made. My belief is that providing the option for legion raids to be entered like guardian raids does not make this game “a single player game”. When I do guardians, sometimes I matchmake, sometimes I solo, and sometimes I join with my friends I know in my non-game life, and help them learn. I think it’d be fun teaching Valtan and seeing my friends fall off, rather than joining with 4 other randoms who may or may not be toxic about it.

And by the way, this HAS happened. At launch, I had about 7 friends I knew from my non-game life, play this and remember that underwater abyssal dungeon with the giant turtle? Whatever it was, we had to bring one random person. One of the friends was just generally messing up, but because we are all friends outside the game, it was just funny. But this 1 random person started posting toxic comments, and just overall ruined the vibe. And not really going to entertain these future boomer comments that we should just deal with it. Literally this is a game feedback post, and I don’t really care about your personal opinion or incredible ability to deal with toxic behavior. Good for you. You’re built different. Proud of you.

I interact with people for work on a daily basis as a corporate executive (believe it or not, don’t care if you don’t), and certain days, I would really prefer to just play the game without the chance for negative / toxic behavior. Like if I have to go to the city, I have the option to drive alone and go through traffic or go on the public train. If I want to go shopping for clothes at the mall, I can choose to hit up my friends or just go alone. Sometimes I want to eat out with my friends, and other days I’d rather just get some Chipotle, go home and eat while watching NBA games.

All in all, the ask is that Smilegate, AGS, or whoever can consider that option in the future. I’ve talked to many of my friends who quit or play less, and that’s a core factor. Forced community with people I / we don’t necessarily want to interact with (and if I / we met them in real life, probably would never speak to them again) doesn’t really make sense for us, and I’m sure many others. Joining a guild is a symptom treater and doesn’t really get to the root cause. Guilds are basically randoms as well.

I’m curious what the revenue loss is from these types of players who quit completely or for extended periods. Also curious if the change I’m suggesting would impact financials negatively, overall impact to EBITDA, etc. But at the end of the day, if it’s just THE WAY the leaders of LA want to take this game, then whatever, this is a moot point. I know in Korea, community is such a huge part of their culture or at least I’ve heard it was like that in the past. My friends and family always had to go drinking after work, and even if they didn’t want to and just go home and rest, they were indirectly “forced”. Not sure if that type of culture also influences these decisions, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Korean Developers just have no idea what Western players enjoy. This is just a generalization here, so I understand I could be completely wrong.

Long post, but I really do enjoy the majority of this game. I love big damage numbers and the gameplay, which you rarely see now. So I just thought this feedback can potentially win back a good amount of players and people I know personally; and ADD to the potential of this game. I’m sure for those who love interacting with random people, those who couldn’t care less about what other people say or think, love this game. Allowing legion raids to be entered with smaller groups or solo would just increase the amount of people who would love this game, without taking away anything from others. I mean honestly, make Clown / Brel harder by all means. Just let me have the choice to go through that struggle with my actual friends. And if not oh well, I tried.

Cheers! :slight_smile:


Beautifully worded. I agree 100%, I’m also a “lone wolf” from time to time and I fully agree with and understand your point.

We do need more soloable content and, IMO, I’d like a version of legion raids with bots as someone recently recommended, so we can join solo to learn the mechanics (bots would only do their mechanics properly nothing else, couldn’t carry you if you fail).


Appreciate your feedback @GlazedJellyDonut and your input as well @Altair13 I will send this on.


I agree. I hate when games force you to play in groups. It’s the same reason I stopped playing Apex Legends and will more than likely be the reason I stop playing Lost Ark.


I was thinking about it these last days.

  • Solo vs. Group in LA

I play this game since launch and my friend list remains with 0. I don’t have any real life friends that enjoys playing videogames and in-game basically all you find are already closed groups of people (mostly from twitch streamers with other streamers and their boyfriends, girlfriends, friends), so they’re basically not open to you.

The guild system in this game is also a joke since I already learned that guilds are mostly used to farm for currency and exchange for tickets. To join an active guild that do content and help each other you basically have to live the game, since 1-2 days off and you’re out. I’m okay with already having a job in real life, I don’t need another one in my free time.

  • Raids and community problems

Other point is that community is extremely toxic as OP said. Basically if you can’t enter the new raid/content day one and/or didn’t study hours of KR videos about it’s mechs, you’re f*** up. First wipe and you become being offended and players left the raid to kick you out. And that’s only when they accept you, since gatekeeping is a common practice in LA.

Unfortunately the idea of doing raids solo or with bots will never happen since it’ll need a lot of programming behind. For this SG will need to revisit all raids model and adjust it in a way that it can be done both solo or in group. Also for bots, they’ll have to implement a huge AI to fill your group with certain classes (if you’re playing support for example, how will you do it?) and they’ll end up carrying you.

The best solution would be something that is already in the game which is the training area from Trixion. We already have the ability to learn and practice with mario levels and prokel duel, so why not some raid mechs? Just offer the option for the player to select which raid he wants and a list of mechs available for the raid, so the player can do it over and over again until he learn and feel comfortable to do it with group.
The excuse that this will be a “spoiler” of the raid is not valid because the training area is not mandatory (if you want to do a blind raid, just don’t practice) and also every raid we receive is already old content that mostly everyone already saw and know by watching KR players. As long as we are behind KR in terms of content, we will never be able to avoid this kind of spoiler. Also, right now if you don’t watch a video before joining a group you will be gatekept.

I think this really needs to be discussed with the team. It’s a huge QOL update that will help both new and old players that are having a hard time learning raids to practice and feel more comfortable and confident to do things with groups.

  • Islands and earlier content

There are a lot of content in the game that is basically dead like a few islands and earlier abyssals. Every new character I create just can’t complete the sea of indolence quest because I can never find 7 more players to run the 3 abyssals. I already spent about an hour trying to do it without success.
I know that this is something being discussed right now because I already see some posts from CM’s talking about it, but I don’t think you understand how crucial these changes are and that we need it as soon as possible.

  • Server/Region Merge/Transfer

Unlike Korea, we have 3 major regions with their own servers, which means we have 3 different bubbles each one with their own market, etc… Problem is LA player base is dropping, which means:
1 - not enough players to fill groups, do content;
2 - lack of acc on AH (worse after the 20 AH limit);
3 - inflation.
Why not merge these 3 regions in one? It’ll be good for market and will solve a biggest portion of currently problems.
Other option is to let players transfer their roster to another region (AGS/SG could also monetize from this). There’s no reason such a thing can’t be done. Even Tibia have this option.

Please consider these options to make the game better for the casuals.


Im online maybe 2-3 days a week. Still got my guild I can do content with. Guess you gotta find the right one :slight_smile:

Cool idea especially this should apply to t1-t2 content as it is pretty much dead.

I am not into the idea of making brel hard soloable but the earlier content? Sure why not.
I also got 2 friends ig that i often play with and as you said sometimes someone does something dumb on raid and it is fun for us but other’s treat is as “trolling” and are toxic about it which ruins the fun.

I guess t1-t2 content should just have an option to enter in smaller group the “later” as valtan and vykass and maybe even brelshaza could be avaliable as solo mode but only for normal mode. Hard is supposed to be hard and having a bot always doing a mech perfectly does not seem fair compared to an regular raid where you got 7 randoms and each one of them can fail a mechanic.

From the game that brought you “play with your own pace, but not really”, now feature “play in your own way, but not really”