Legion Raids count limit

I am not actually sure in which category to put this so i will put it here.
Bascially now that my alts go to 1415 due to the hoaning buff i have some concerns.
When u open the legion Raid , i’ve noticed it says 2 things but i really don’t get it so if anyone could explain me i would really appreciate it.
For example at Valtan says: Legion Raid total 2 times remaining.
Total number of legion raids entries allowed 3.
I simply don’t get it…
My concern is, can i do for example on my main Valtan and Vykas, and on 5 alts valtan and get the gold and rewards ?
Please help!

You can do it on 3 characters per week as far as I know.

oh yes, it was confusing for me as well

you can do 3 legion raids on each character, meaning Valtan, Vykas, and later Kakul-Saydon per week. Later on there will be 4 legion raids with Brelshaza, so you will have to choose 3 out of 4 on each character.

each character can do 3 legion raids per week.

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And people were saying „In KR you make later 100k gold in the week only because of legion raids.“

I guess they meant 10k.

it is true, 6 characters x 3 raids x 5k (later raids give more because brelshaza has 6 gates) = 90k, so yeah sounds right

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  • minus auction.


hahahaha tru dat :joy:

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:smiley: there is even more that you have to cut off the 90k.

Like increasing costs for ancient and increasing costs for battle items and stuff.
There is not much left over, Chetsu… :smiley: What ever.

gold is not an issue for them, 100k from raids only is good, I always see them having tons of gold but out of 2 things mainly:

  1. Silver
  2. Shards

Because most of Koreans are hardcore whales or pay their bills from streaming.
Just check Zeal how often his Gold value goes from 10k to 2 million within 24h… :smiley:
And people think that KR is free from RMT (which is not true).

Actually its just because the price are accessible for them, a day of work and they buy the entire shop, so its really good for them

yeah they are hardcore whales, i’ve noticed that, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the case, the numbers are unreal 1490+, imagine at 1580+, esther weapons. You never know what happens behind the scenes.

Nahh is 100k per week almost. Tbh our characters for now should be around 1475 for easier Vykas runs. If u get it you start upgrade your alts.

I mean all the well known KR streamers admitted it that they are whales. Like ATK spent around 10k. Fanbase of Zeals know that he is a whale, same for saintone. And if you watch them playing and see all the other KR players ingame if they do profile check… You will know and understand what is going on…

you need 6 characters all 1475+ (with clown out).

then you are getting raid gold from a total of 18 characters plus the gold you get from una’s and any accessories or stones you can sell.

Ok, it looks like it is a lot but what about the costs?
These rewards do not justify millions of gold KR people have on their bank.

Alone the honingcosts 1490+, costs for ancient gear, costs for quality improvements etc…
You have to cut off those costs for every alt in your roster.

Even if you can fully raid 18 character in one week, you can’t really farm your dailies because the time is not enough (no mats). I feel it by myself that the more legion raids we get the less time I have for the basic stuff and I have only 11 chars and being a nolifer (getting closer to 2k playtime).

I don’t believe in the korean gold myth.

its all about time invested.

for instance theyve had several hyper express’s, and these “boosted” characters up to 1415+ (and 1445 in atleast one instance). some of these people have played for 3 years

so of course they have several max ilvl characters and thousands of extra gold.

some of the streamers are also whales.

also you do not raid 18 characters unless you own 3 accounts. the gold cap per account is 6 characters.

so you raid on 6, and you can rotate dailies when you have rested.

if you arnt spending the gold it stacks up very quickly.

but yes it is a massive investment to get that to that point. but thats not what you asked, you simply talked about getting 100k per week

and you can get close to that with 6 raid ready characters. the investment is going to be more then that though

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Yea if you don’t mind the raid auction, then yea.
I’m curious how ancient will be in our version (especially the costs).

it’ll be very expensive but it wont be required.

idk how much extra stam/dmg stat you get from ancient over relic, but in terms of engravings you need a 9-7 or similar stone to even benefit from it in any sort of meaningful way.

so im not even thinkin about ancients at all xD

after relic was released it dropped a grudge/KBW stone for me. Perfect for deathblow striker, nvm. At that time all prices were huge and I thought it will decrease. I cutted the stone to 6/7, still using the stone BUT if I want to get a new stone I have to pay minimum 4k gold (without pheon).

So… yea… 9/7 might never happen. A former guild friend made a 10/6 after third try on a 150 gold stone for his shadowhunter. rip.