Legion Raids Gatekeeping

I dont understand people who keep flaming on the forum and reddit and everywere they can
That gatekeeping is not okay, im sorry but i have a suprise for you it is very okay to gatekeep

I dont wanna do Brel with dps that is 4x3 with items from Argos - im sorry but thats a hard NO
Or you even may be 5x3 but you are an Artilerist with spirit absorb and firepower - dude…u do no damage
Yes i am considering everything when i invite people for Brel, Clown, Vykas or Valtan
I know yall gonna say BUT YOU CAN DO IT WITH 1 engraving - i know u &@$^@!# %$@$@#@# but why would i make my life harder by inviting people like this

Same with supports- i DONT CARE that u have a support on 1500 - but u have lvl 2 gems u have 2 or 3 engravings at best and you have 95k hp - im sorry but thats an instant decline - i dont care im gonna have to wait 15 minutes for a DECENT support - and by decent i mean someone with AT LEAST 4x3 and proper stats above 50,60 gear quality and proper bracelet not some trash bracelet from chaos dungeon that u dropped that has Endurance and Roly Poly - at least buy yourself proper stats for your class

Another Gatekeeping people seem to hate and i LOVE this one is linking the achievement for G4 after u get invited - i know u dont like that and i know why too - you wanna get invited to a Reclear party that wants to do it quickly and u wanna get carried because u have no idea whats going on on G4 do you !!! you will floor POV 90% of the boss with some excuse

Listen…im not saying im a god gamer i havent done G6 yet because i do not play in a static party and i have 6 characters for Brelshaza G1-G4 and my main did G5 this weekend
I dont have that much time to progress G6 . There is so much stuff to do on a daily/ weekly basis in this game that i have to finish all my other raids first and then i can start looking for G6 progression group which was quite succesfull yesterday because we got to Shandi phase within the first 40 minutes and everyone had to go but enaugh of that

I HATE it when people are trying to join RECLEAR group when they have NO IDEA about the boss - just stop doing that go with a progression group and learn :slight_smile:

If u want to get invited to normal groups BUILD YOUR CHARACTER PROPERLY not with EL CHEAPO engravings like Contender spirit absorb max mp because they are $@#*&(^ useless and stop flaming on the forums and reddit that your 4x3 1505 Zerker cannot get invited to a Brel group or your support alt on 1490 with 3x3 and lvl 3 gems - I WONDER WHYYYYY

Happy Progression everyone
Lil Edit i did G6 twice already and all im gonna say its pain and regret to try to do this in a PUG group…but its doable


Sir u cant do this. People now gona QQ soon trust me.


I must say, i love this post and feel the same. Whenever i enter forum i feel like i play different game, i never came across problem ppl have here. Just build your character properly and look no gatekeep anymore :smiley:


I do agree, but that 3x3 support is still gonna clear all 6 Brel gates, even while joining stacked groups xD



That’s a lot of words just to say there’s thousands of people all trying to fit into 6 slots, naturally some aren’t going to make it and the worse your character looks on paper the less chance you have.

Got a short story for you, joined yesterday a g4 “reclear” (link achievement in stronghold), so I went to the stronghold and linked it… After that, was Very clrear that all the p1 were friends together in a guild and probably discord and we the p2 were randoms asked to link achievement.

Fight started after determining who does what, and boom, 5 wipes in a row on pt1… We were like “dude you aak for title and you clrearly have not a clue on mech…” 3 wipes on yellow and 2 on red due to them failing both mech…

So theres that and gatekeeping


TLDR; interesting! very nice!

Wanted to gloss over the post, but this little bit here caught my attention.

I’m sure you know that support can operate well enough with just 3 engravings - awakening, class, expert (bard could also use heavy armor). Everything beyond that gives minimal improvement compared to the price.
Also in the other paragraph, you allude that you’re not floor POV 90% time, so I do not quite follow why you want a support with bigger HP pool. You’re not getting hit, so why you need bigger shields/heals?

And the last one, is the bracelet. Why bother buying it at all? The best stat bracelet will give you 100 swift, you can count how much of CD change that is (spoiler - it’s negligible).


You missed the entire point of the complaints.

The problem is not you declining bad engravings 2x3 whatever.

The problem is when a 1525 5x3 >1600 main stat min lvl 7 gems char gets denied because:

  • a streamer said his class is bad
  • his roster is 130 and not 200
  • you have no ideea how his build works and you decline because an engraving you don’t like but is actually meta
  • they are using the “other” class engraving you don’t like but is actually very viable
  • you expect minimum 1700 main stat and decline >1600
  • because he’s not “ranged dps” (dunno who started this crap)
  • because he’s not 1560 although you’re not either

And I could go on and on, but I think everyone gets it.


I refuse personally to invite people like this

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Sometimes u dont fit in the team comp i take that to consideration too
Or sometimes people just hate your class nothing u can do about it
But i understand when people decline Deadeye with Pistoleer build…he does no damage
But Enhanced Weapon is a pumper but hard to play

Same here, got MVP in gate 3, 30% dmg, 54% countering, and like cruel annihilator, i was alone with another guy, for close to half of the fight untill end, and we cleared it, and i said to lead and others, " Here is your achievement lead", simply saying to them how much of liers they were, and this was second week.

And you know what the trashes did?, one said “Ok pro, good bye pro” and they just quit and kicked me, fucking retarded imbeciles right there, after that i got in gate 4 and cleared it fast with another group, that DIDN’T ask for achievement.


That exists too happend to me also on a G1-G4 reclear group
When they said they have a prokel killer and he gets a free box
Im like okay im okay with it
Boom 6 wipes the guy on Prokel dies and they send who ?
Me on my alt Scrapper 1512.5 im okay with it since i do him no problem
But guess what i killed the prokel with no problems because i did him already like 5 times or more
And guess what they did not let me get the box for free, they bid it to 5k and i let the original prokel killer buy it, then they stopped the raid and kicked me
So yeah


Not gonna agree with you on this one.
Both are hard to play
I have myslef deadeye 1500gs lvl7 gems lvl5 tripods pistoler
0 gatekeeping on him, Ez Uprights/cruels on raids
Killing prokel is ez af on him

ofc he is weaker than broken classes but if u know what ur doing he is rly good


I never saw a Pistoller build on MVP screen personally
But i never invite them myself when i make a group
But if they are already in the party i NEVER saw him on MVP screen
Enhanced Weapon yes i do invite them

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I would burn them on a cross alive if that were to happen to me, no joke.

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yea i also know pistoler players who were never on mvp screen, but build is decent and can deal a lot of dmg if u can acually use spells and hit them on boss

Nothing i can do when i joined 6 man premade same guild same server

Read what happened to me above too in gate 3

There is no dps meter in the game unless u do it on Trixion
I dont have a deadeye so i cant say
From what i saw Enhanced Weapon is better then Pistoleers