Legion Raids just aren't fun and have no room for casuals

I have been here since launch, but I am a casual. I play when I can. Sometimes, thats an hour a day, other times, I might get a couple of hours. With that being said, the Legion Raids just arent fun for me.

While some people are hard pushing Brel, I just recently made it to 1475. I have done Valtan and Vykas alot and have the normal achievements.

But this last two weeks, have sucked. While I have done Vykas a bunch, I am not the best at mechanics and make mistakes from time to time. I find myself in this horrible box.

Hard mode Vykas groups, they just don’t want me. I have little experience with the extra hard mode mechanics and end up causing the raid to wipe. First wipe I cause, instant kick.

If I tell groups before hand, that while I have title from normal vykas, I have little experience with hard mode - instant kick.

But this is where it gets even worse. The normal Vykas groups, they no longer want me either! They see 1475 and roster level 145 and instantly go, “no way”. If the hard mode groups don’t want him, than he is trash and we don’t want him either…

So now, I have trouble just getting Vykas gold period :frowning: .

I know people will say, well start your own groups, that way you can practive the extra mechanics, but people don’t seem to want to join a learning party for hard mode. How is someone suppose to practice?

I fear this problem is only getting worse. I can’t even get a group going for clown. With all the gate keeping and toxic players, Legion Raids just don’t feel fun for a casual gamer.

I know this game drains alot of your time, but I really think the community as a whole, should try being a little nicer to casual players. Not every 1475 is an alt, or a new player. It very well could just be a casual gamer, playing when they can. Try being a little nicer to them, if they aren’t as experienced as others.


On which server are you playing? I see often learning groups for valtan or vykas on EUC.

Honestly speaking, you won’t really find learning groups for hardmode Vykas because then it would just be orb/gate/memory simulator in g1. You might as well do normal Vykas and complete mechs without timestop.

NAE, Landan. I can do Hard mode valtan just fine but I need more practive with Vykas HM.

I dont see why you would need any prctice on vycas hard mode… You should not miss orb handling in normal g1, that way you are good to go, you need to know velganos which is the extra mech there which you can ts/get saved by shields while you get good at it(you will need velganos in clown and brel too so learn it)

G2 is the same

G3 has 2 extras, first is medusa which most groups will just TS and if they dont, they call their number BUT you need to learn how to TS it anyways cause most of the time they will screw up and you need to know when to TS (watch youtube about it)

The other extra is orbs Im not sure if it is at bar 40/35 she will spawn 4 orbs at 11 1 5 and 7, after tents people usually ping which position they will take, after you grab the orb, spam spacebar to release yourself and thats it…

The rest is the same

fake it till u make it

Thats what i died to last time. I will watch a few videos on this, so I know what to expect and do.

Then I will be good here. Everything stays the same? The wings, red & black orbs? All of it?

I will watch video and take note.

This one doesn’t sound to bad,

Thank you for the help and info! I will dig through youtube and try to find any videos on these specific mechanics.

This was alot more helpful, than just being kicked from the group. Much appreciated!

1490+ have dropped Vykas, that’s why it’s a pain to run now.

Don’t tell them. Fake it til you make it.

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