Legion Raids - Starting Area

Why do some “Starting Areas” in Legion Raids take 15 Seconds to start (even if there is only one person inside)
And others require all people to be inside

For example:
Brel Gate 5 = 15 Seconds timer
Brel Gate 6 = Alle people needed


cause in the beginning gate 3 4 and 6 didn’t have a preparation phase and was added later on, abre gates were linked 2 by 2 so they look different in how they behave

I could swear that it’s the other way around. G5 requires all to stand inside while G6 you get a timer when one guy steps in. Also pretty sure the only time everyone has to be inside is G5 brel and Argos (at least in T3)

Edit: Just remembered some small areas in between in brel fight as well, after the jumping in pre brel to G1, jumping in between G1 to G2 and jumping again from G4-5

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