Legion Set and Damage Calculations


I am kind of confused right now. I have enough mats to get 4 pieces of legion gear set for my berserker. Before I get into that. I build my berserker not meta. That means I build it around Berserkers Technique and mostly pushed crit rate, crit damage and specialization.

I would have naturally gone with the crit and back attack set (Earth’s Entropy Set).
But out of curiousity I checked the recommended set. And to my suprise maxroll recommended Dominion Fang set.

I checked the full guide and they play with awakening (3x3), spirit absorbtion (3x3) and Raid Captain (3x3).

After that I digged in more and some ppls wrote that crit dmg is kind of soft capped. Means at some point more cit dmg buffs will be only partial applied.

Anyone got a good site which shows how the attributes are getting calculated (fully).

In other words can someone explain why Earth’s entropy should not be used in my case?

Thanks for your input.

My Zerker is just 1370, but my main is Paladin and I’m using 2x Dominion fang now.

It’s just amazing for cooldowns, especially for a class that won’t have swiftness like Technique Zerker.

Just look at the full 6x set bonus. With awakening lvl3 you’ll have the 2 minute buff on permanently and it pretty much halves all your cooldowns and you deal additional 40% damage. So it’s not that far off from entropy if we talk damage, but your cooldown difference is huge compared to Mayhem set.

Idk about spirit absorption, though. When supports get Yearning 4x you’ll have 8% from that and burst mode is 20%, so that’s already 128%.

As I said, not an expert, but you definitely need Awakening and Dominion fang with Technique. Someone who actually tried the build will have to explain better about crit and swift needed.

I did some math my own and some testing (as far as possible in the training area with modified engravings). And I gotta say Spirit Absortion is not that great in my eyes. The maximum you can get is 18% if you hit the 140% cap (which i won’t withouth spending points on swiftness).

I wish they would publish the backend math. I can’t find official stuff. Only external ppl.
Coolest thing would be something like this:

One of the best builder in this genre. You can select skills, stats, gear and the site calculates the damage based on it.

The problem I have with lost ark is that if you don’t wanna go meta testing is getting insane expensive. The training room is good but since I only can change the engraving and not the stats testing is very limited. If I want to test with stats I have to buy accessories on the market with cost 25 pheons for relics and 15 for legy gear. Pheons really grind my gear. Especially when I still have to pay then when I want to move stuff to my alts.

So a website like d3planner would be INSANE for custom builds. Where it shows the damage based on the values to set.

At this point I have to setups in mind:
Stats from the first post with the following engravings and Legion sets

  1. Set: Earth’s Entropy
    Ambush Master, Grudge, Bers Technique, Increases Mass, Cursed Doll
  2. Set Dominion Fang
    Ambush Master, Grudge, Bers Technique, Increases Mass, Awakening

I do like the idea of 18/30% lesser cooldown. With this combination I would use my ulti purely to fill up my identity in order to go burst.

I do like the idea of 18/30% lesser cooldown. With this combination I would use my ulti purely to fill up my identity in order to go burst.

Yeah, that’s what’s it for with that build, kinda like Paladin ult.
Saintone has a maxed out Berserker’s Technique character, you might ask some questions there on just watch a bit of his vods and see how it plays with Dominion fang.

The 6x Dominion Fang set bonus actually only reduces your spacebar cooldown. Mistranslation on AGS’ part. Indie company.

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Are you sure about that? This would make the sets far lesser interesting. Man they do have quiet a few translation issues.

You can change stats though. The only thing you can’t change in training room is tier set bonuses.

I’m absolutely sure about it.