Legit or no? Neria dressing skin

I have seen multiple (hundreds) dressing skin items placed below market avg by a decent amount

This in an item with 3 available trades for example.
From my calculation this item should not be lower than 2.8k, so what is going on?

Since unverified steam accounts can’t purchase gold with rc, are they using skins to convert illegal money to gold?

Botters used the stolen credit card to buy royal crystal, and then bought skins and put them on the market in exchange for gold.Then transfered the gold to a secure account.
It’s very common on steam,the low-cost gift card with unknown source


I bought plenty of them to resell later lol, this is at least a 2x return in the worst case
I remember a few months ago people were saying you can get banned for this , I hope not

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