Lenght of homework gets draining after 1y+

So I play since Launch and play 12 Chars by now the Avg time for 1 Chaosdungeon is ~4min same for a guardian kill (4+4) x 2 = 16 min + 3min (una´s)= 19min(lets make it 20 for math reasons) per char (on avg) this means 12x20 = 240min(4hours) just homework everyday. Since i like my sanity I started only doing double rested. So i Avg out on ~2 hours a day since my 2 mains do unrested as well. This is content that I personally find mindnumbing and yeah no fun and you have to do it so it defies the reason of a game(cause I play to have fun not to numb my mind).
My main Complaints are:

  1. Too repetetiv there is little to no variables(maybe try random funny affixes or something like this)
  2. Spawntime and Mobspeed(Chaosdungeon) is too slow especially in “Room 1”.
  3. The amount of useable loot is nonexistent i got maybe 5 drops in a year of grinding that weren´t utter garbage.
  4. The ammount of materials feels unrewarding
  5. doing it twice in a row, I mean why ? Make it longer or just give double loot and shorten it to 1 chaos 1 guardian a day.
  6. Guardians Souls why do you have to loot something after the kill just make the guardian drop the mats instantly
  7. Unskipable “Cheerscreen” after a guardian kill nobody and I mean NOBODY wants to see this thousands of times make it skipable.

This topic doesnt concern casuals so pls dont comment ;).


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You just can’t make this stuff up. Some of you really have problems the game cannot fix. Learn to structure your life better. Stop playing 12 characters wtf.


So, just because you forced yourself for one year to do everything on 6+ characters we should change it? lmao

People asking for 1x guardian and chaos are people who burned themself up playing like a maniac every single day

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12 characters everyday and complain it’s too much? bruh

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And how am I supposed to Hone ? And get new content cleared ? Sure I can shorten it more and more. But will get gatekept cause I am 10 weeks late for the new raid ?

If i can do every single raid with every single one of my CHEAP alts every single week then idk how people complain about gatekeep

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The same way everyone else does obviously. You’re delusional if you think most ppl even run half of what you do.

For example i play 6 chars and i do all dailies even on my main rested. And i have never felt any burnout. My main is 1560, main alt is 1540, rest are between 1490-1540

What i suggest for you is to try for few weeks to play only 6 chars, and do only rested dailies, on other chars just do rested lopang

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I will do that since I will quit the game if I don`t drastically shorten the dayli grind.

But all my points 1-7 still stand it`s still a mindnumbing and boring activity.


Well I forced myself cause I want to actually progress in the game…
The gamedesign even encourages more characters since u can barely even do a single honing attempt with the mats that drop from 2x chaos 2x guardian a day.
Sure you can defend it with saying I do too much (true and real) but it does not change that it`s a mindnumbing boring activity.

you know what could fix homework being draining? not playing 12 characters :joy:

Bro i play 3 characters (and i always do rested) and im at 1550… what the heck are you talking about? LOL

Thats no valid argument since you will get gatekept cause of missing titles ect.

you know what else can fix it? Improved gamedesign! I personally find it strange to see that many people not even getting the point. even if you play 1 char its 20 min of boring bs.

The game design encourages you to STOP at 6 characters actually. You don’t even have to do all 6 and the only thing making anyone do even 6 is themselves.

You’re not supposed to be enhancing every single day. You have delayed gratification issues and think if you have to wait to do something it’s a bad thing when it isn’t.

Gatekeeping is a nonsense argument. This is an MMO, go make friends, join a guild, and form statics if you’re worried about randoms not wanting to accept you into their PRIVATE parties. Nobody has a right to demand entry into a private space.

This is an MMO, daily quests are almost guaranteed to exist.

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Da heck are you talking about? my alts are at 1472.5 and i always find a party to do all my weekly raids lmao

that was not the case at realease you could have as much goldearners as you liked

well if I dont progress why bother playing ?

Gatekeeping is a very real argument and I simply cant run every raid with a guildgrp.

I know what a MMO is lil bro i played a lot of em and you didnt read my first post properly i want it to improve for everybody even if you play only 1 char it should not be a boring mindnumbing activity :slight_smile:

I just wanna know why would the game should be tailored for people like you (people who have the time to play 10+ hours a day) which are not even 1% of the players?
Isn’t it better to cater to the majority of the players? (players who play 3 to 6 characters)

  1. I want 2 aspects of the game to Improve for everybody(chaos and guardians) not just for hc players for everybody cause it is not fun to do even if you do a friction of how much I do them.

  2. 1% of players play over 12 chars? sry more like 30% play 12 chars +

  3. Even if you only play 3-6 chars it still takes 1-2 hours a day. Where you could play something that is fun instead or do something useful.

so lets say they reduce it to once per day instead. what you going to do with all that time you got freed up now? double up your roaster to 24 characters?

in your case its not an issue with gamedesign but personally issues since you choose to play with 12 characters.

you are choosing to do 12 characters and then bitch about it being to much for you :joy:

its an mmorpg having 20min of dailies isnt weird and you dont even have to do it daily since you can do it with rested, so its 20min every 3 days.

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