Lenora rapport issue

When i am reading description of rapport item called “Soundstone of Dawn” it says Lenora and Hiraya would love this. When i checked prefered rapport item list of Lenora (from Rohendel) by pressing Alt+N, this item does not exist on the list. When i come to Lenora and wanted to give her “Soundstone of Dawn” the games says that she is not preffered this item and we get only 360 rapport points instead of 450.
This issue does not take place in case of Hiraya.


Hi there @rabczakp thanks for reporting this issue! For additional visibility I’m moving your post from the French to the English-speaking forums, thank you :slight_smile:

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So, did the additional visibility help? Because it sure is still bugged…

Hey there @rabczakp! I apologize for the delayed response. Are you still having this issue?
Could I get your username and Server?

Thanks! :grinning:

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As i’m currently doing rapport for Lenora I can confirm that it was still 360 points yesterday. There are more NPC’s with this issue as well from the report of other players.
SA - Kazeros

Thank you for the response!

Yes, it looks like this has been previously reported. I will still go ahead and send this to the Development team to review and confirm that this bug is still active.

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My nickname is Bravepiter and my server is Shadespire EUW.
On 27th June this bug still exists.
Below are the screenshots.