Less gold, more tradeable stuff

This might be downvoted to oblivion due to the nature of this forum but here I go:

Back when thronespire were abused by bots, grudge were down on 9k each and players were actually able to afford them. However when bots were selling grudge books it did not cause inflation to the market because someone else had to spend gold to buy them.

However, with una tokens bots are milking it too much and cause the high rate of inflation alongside with players who raid 18 times a week. I understand the bots can not be stopped because they always come back and find a new way of earning gold, and removing easy-to-acquire gold sources are not really an option because it just put newer players (and others) on disadvantage.

In another way, we could get tradeable mats instead of gold (for example una tokens) that the players could sell and earn gold. Bots will most likely do the same but it does not affect the inflation to the market as much. The prices on the market will also go down so stuff will be affordable and bots will do whatever they are doing. (Iā€™m not trying to encourage botting but rather just reduce the damage they are doing)

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