Less popular classes should be prioritized for earlier release

Many argue that most popular classes should be released first. However, it should actually be the other way around. The least popular classes should be released first. Here is why:

When a class’s popularity is already low, the later that class gets release, then even fewer people will play them. If a less popular class gets released earlier, then more people will play them, which helps with the diversity of classes.

Popular classes like scouter and artist will always be popular, regardless of how late they get released… which is what we saw with Sorceress on Korea, even though she is the second newest class to be released there, Sorceress is now the third most popular class in the 1490-1620 ilvl, while artist is 8th, and scouter is 9th most popular, despite both of these also being newer classes.

Meanwhile Summoner and Arcana which were part of the original release of the game, are not even in the top 10… they are among the least popular classes. Therefore the longer summoner and arcana get delayed, the even less popular they will be, which is detrimental to class diversity. As such, these 2 classes should be prioritized for release to ensure a healthy number of players are actually playing these classes.

Note that having said that, I believe that class releases should be made faster, that we get at least 2 class releases per month, instead of just 1, that way everyone will get their main preferred class by July latest. It is extremely unfair for those of us who want to main a yet to be released class, and having to catch up to everyone else.

artist should be prioritized because its the most popular unreleased support class


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Well that’s the whole point, is that regardless of whether Artist gets released now, or later, she will be popular either way. As we have seen in Korea, artist has jumped up to 8th position in popularity in high ilvl range. As such, it does not hurt the popularity of the class if it is released later.

Meanwhile if less popular classes like Summoner and Arcana get released later, it will hurt their popularity further. As such should be prioritized for release :slight_smile: