Less than 5% of players are at T3


Sorry I couldn’t help but notice how insanely low that is.

If the game has 1M players for example, only 50k are experiencing T3 not to mention if only 5% hit 1300 then that means even less hit 1340/1370/1400.

So if only a minority of the player base is at T3 then why exactly is only T3 content being released? This would only make the people in T1/T2 quit because the gap between content gets farther and farther and with our current shit honing rates idk how many people will even get to see anything they are trying to release.

I’m T3 myself at 1360, I’m aiming for 1370 and as much as I want new content I feel like this is gonna kill the game if T1/T2 doesn’t get any new content and that’s where 95% or more of the player base is.


milking the 1%. you know this 99% stuff?


While i totally agree that we don’t have enough players at t3, steam achievements aren’t a good indicator of that. This happens because steam takes into account every single individual that installed and ran the game once, and many of those quit 30 mins afterwards.

What we should be looking at is something like % of players between 1300 > 1370 or even fresh t1 > 1302


how are people not at T3, they are literaly giving you the mats to get there, if you arent t3 after all the island, quest lines, login rewards, the 2 events and the honing books you deserve to be stuck. Either that % is wrong or there is no hope for valtan in may xD


I already made a post that we need the leaderboard like in korea https://loawa.com/rank
That we actualy see what are the most commen GS in lost ark.

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T1/T2 already was launched with all content. Also, that % is useless because it takes in consideration the whole player base (bots, banned accounts, people who tried it for first time and drop it after 20 minutes)


It’s slightly higher due to bots diluting the pool but I don’t expect anything higher than ~6-7%

10 minutes ago there was topic that was crying about this same… I copy-paste my response as the thread is also copy-paste.

Based upon SteamDB - LostArk had between 3,02M to 8.31M (M-millions) of players. To be fair let’s take something in between like 5,655M.
4,2% out of that number is 237,5k which is around 50% of the concurrent player base… Even if you underestimate to 3,02M then it gives you 126,8k around ~25% of the player base.


8% of the player base didn’t even started to playing (We start as Advanced class with lvl 10)

18% of all accounts reached T1. So working with your logic we still have ~25% of people in T3


Didn’t the recent roadmap talk about this? I could be wrong but it looks like their goal is to make sure plenty of horizontal content gets released in an effort to avoid a forced rush to T3. I also don’t see an issue with releasing SV at this time. There’s no reason to alienate T3 players completely, and from what I’ve read SV won’t even have any chaos dungeons at release. So far I’m happy with their roadmap changes. From what I can tell their pre-release roadmap was not a good fit for us and it’s nice to see their willing to work with us to make the ride more smooth.

that’s very tiny fraction of those “missing” 96%.
but real answer is, because of bots. Before the rapport nerf, they were just spamming new accounts > get raport gold>new account. Millions of times. (they made hundreds of milliions, 500g per account). Both the 302 and 1300 ilvl achis gives some perspective of how massive the bot issue is. AGS announced one ban wave of 1m, and we lost 200k concurrent. AGS won’t do it again :slight_smile: It would hurt the game more than the bots themself

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I am not sure if bots made that much of a difference honestly. Most games lose a massive chunk of its potential players very early, especially between 30min ~ 2h mark. Then another chunk where the game stops being “dumb easy”. Its always a very tiny fraction that actually invest time and seek knowledge to progress. Look at PoE for instance:

Brutus takes 15 minutes for a seasoned league player, while probably 30 for a newcomer. Yet only 52% of all players did it. Worth mentioning that PoE also has bots, but those need to go through this in order to trade. Then we look at their entry point at endgame (t1 for Lost ark)

And level 90 (which i consider t3)

Its still pretty damn low numbers, and the game has been out for years, millions played it. The difference is that your content isn’t locked behind levels, and you don’t need more people to clear content.

TL;DR is that low percentages are expected no matter what and i wouldn’t attribute most of it to bots


I just stuck in 1100 because I got bored

You are going off a Steam Achievement? do you know how skewed that is because of all the millions of bot accounts? Picking up mokoko seed is at 31%. You telling me all those player just walked by every single mokoko? nope bots.

Edit: I have no alts to farm with, I took my sweet time, I sold some of my mats for gold, and I’m nearly 1370. If someone started at the beginning like myself and still not in T3 then I don’t now what to tell them at this point.

I don’t always trust achievements, but when I do, they aren’t Steam achievements.


thats a pretty roundabout way to ask for a honing buff for t1+t2 but sure why not.

Steam Achievemnts don’t indicate real player base. The people who have atleast 1 char in T3 would be close to 30% by now. That 5% includes 1000’s of bots and many players who have stop playing.

I think you don’t understand how steam achievements work. First, there are many many people who played and stopped the game, it does not take into account player active base. So yeah, 5% of all the people who played Lost Ark or added the game into their steam.
If it was 5% of our active player base then it would be concerning with all events we are getting right now.

Fake news: the achievements are bugged. they have been since day one.


This isn’t even close to accurate.

5% are actually a lot if you think about it for more than five seconds.